ADVANCE Tuition and Fees

For the purpose of scheduling, reporting, and budgeting, the program is broken into four non-traditional semesters. A non-traditional semester will consist of 20 weeks and 12 hours minimum.

Tuition and fees are paid at the beginning of each ADVANCE Program non-traditional semester. The application fee is paid at the time of application.

ADVANCE Tuition and Fees | 2016-2017

What? How much? How often?
Program Application Fee* $25.00 One time fee
Credit for Prior Learning Fee** $50.00
Books and Materials $500.00 (approximate) Per Term
Curriculum Fee $35.00 Per Term
General Fee*** $300.00 Per Term
Parking Fee**** $50.00 Per Term
Graduation Fee $100.00 Paid Semester of Graduation
Tuition $4,940.00
$412.00/credit hour
Per Term

Program Completion Time is 18 months!

Academic Year = 40 weeks/24 credit hours

A non-term program is one that does not divide the academic year into semesters, trimesters or quarters. In a non-term program that measures educational program length in credit hours, a full-time undergraduate student is expected to complete the equivalent of 24 semester hours in an academic year.

* Nonrefundable, paid at time of application

** Per credit hour submitted for evaluation. It is important to note that petitioning for prior learning credit does not guarantee that the full number of credits submitted will be granted. Awards of credit are based upon evaluation of your work by an Assessment Counselor.

*** Includes registration, library use, computer lab use, newspaper, student activities, recreational use of sports complex.

**** This fee only applies to the HLGU campus only.

Contact Information


Marc Hurt
ADVANCE Program Director

Darcia Miller
Associate Director of ADVANCE Program