How We Stand Out

  • Accessible Faculty – A low student-to-faculty ratio allows students to interact frequently with faculty as they receive advising and pursue their academic career.
  • Preparation for the Future – Our programs are designed to provide all students with what they need to enter the workforce or pursue further education.
  • Solid Research Experience – Classes in research methods equip students to learn and conduct research, an essential skill for those who will seek admission to graduate programs.
  • Christian Worldview – An added Christian dimension integrates theology with psychology and sociology in the classroom. Many students choose majors in sociology, psychology or social work to prepare for work in a ministry environment. We also have many who double major with Christian studies.

Opportunities for Students

  • Pi Gamma Mu – Juniors or seniors can join this international honor society for the social sciences.
  • Cross-Cultural Learning – Students have opportunity to earn class credit through faculty-led cross-cultural travel experiences.
  • Professional Conferences – Faculty offer students opportunities to attend professional conferences which often include student presentations.

Preparing Students for Future Success

  • Prepared for Continued Study - Many sociology and psychology majors continue to pursue graduate degrees, and our programs are designed to equip graduates to excel as they do. Graduates most often pursue a master in counseling, social work, psychology, or sociology. Many also pursue one of a variety of seminary degrees.
  • Prepared for the Workforce – Most social work majors enter the workforce after graduation, although if they choose to take fundamental research courses, they can also successfully pursue graduate work.
  • Variety of Job Opportunities – Majors in psychology, sociology or social work prepare graduates for many job markets, including government service, case management, social services, protective services, and Christian ministry.

Majors Offered


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