Biology Department

Our well-rounded science programs prepare students for a variety of careers or avenues of further study. Students can choose a Bachelor of Arts or Science in Biology with an emphasis in general biology, premedical, predental or preveterinary medicine. An Associate of Science degree is also offered with an emphasis in prepharmacy, prechemistry, premedical technolgy or predental hygiene. We also support the Bachelor of Science in Education degree with a certification in Biology or Unified Science.

How We Stand Out

  • Involved Faculty. Our faculty are accessible to students both in and out of the classroom during students’ academic careers at HLG. They also teach in both the lectures and the labs.
  • Small class sizes. Major-specific courses typically run no more than 10 students, allowing for ample one-on-one attention and learning opportunities.
  • Solid Foundation. Our curriculum is designed to give graduates a solid foundation for post-college work or graduate study. We work with students to meet specific academic needs they have for their desired career path.

Opportunities for Students

  • Job Shadowing. Students have opportunities to job shadow science and medical professionals in the local community.
  • Science Club. Members of Science Club lead campus initiatives in areas like recycling or maintenance of the nature trails. We also bring in outside speakers on a variety of topics.

Preparing Students for Future Success

  • Variety of Careers. Graduates can find employment across the scientific industry in areas such as medicine, pharmacy, cell biology, research, wildlife biology or environmental biology.
  • Further Education. We offer a foundation for pharmacy school, medical school and many other graduate programs of study.
  • Teaching. Students can pursue a Bachelor of Science in Education with certifications in Biology or Unified Science, equipping them to teach in public or private schools.

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