Christian Studies Division

The HLGU Christian Studies Division provides a world-class education in the areas of Bible, Biblical Languages, Christian Education, Christian Ministries, Intercultural Missions, and Theology. Courses taught by the outstanding faculty in the Christian Studies Division provide students with access to a broad array of subject areas related to the Christian faith and prepare them for Christian service in local churches and mission fields throughout the world.

Bachelor of Arts degrees in Bible, Christian Education, and Intercultural Missions, as well as Bachelor of Science degrees in Bible and Christian Education are available through the Christian Studies Division.

How We Stand Out

  • Theologically conservative and aligned with the great traditions of Christianity
  • Warm Hearted - At many schools, students don't get the opportunity to know many of their professors. HLG's Christian Studies faculty prides themselves on breaking that stereotype.
  • Mentor-minded - "We aren't just professors. We are mentors." - Dr. Brown, Professor
  • Balanced - The kind of education students can expect is not indoctrination, but a well-balanced, fair evaluation of all sides of theological issues.
  • Training and experience - We’re academically rigorous, but also focused on developing students spiritually. We’re trying to strengthen their devotion and their doctrine at the same time. This is not just training, but an experience in spiritual growth.
  • Plentiful Opportunities - We offer students many opportunities to put what they learn into practice through missions projects, local church involvement and ministry guidance programs.

Preparing Students for Future Success

As an HLGU student, you will not only be challenged academically, but will have extensive opportunity to put what you are learning into practice:

  • Experience ministry in local churches. Many churches in the area give HLGU students leadership and ministry experience through preaching, pastoring, serving on staff, youth ministry, music ministry, disciple-now leadership, youth revivals, children's events and more.
  • Be part of the local body. The Hannibal area has many excellent churches that welcome students to join.
  • Receive Ministry Guidance. Learning isn't just in the classroom. We seek to provide the tools, experience and opportunities for being actively involved in ministry during your time at HLG.
  • Go on Mission. We facilitate mission opportunties for students, starting in our local community and going to the ends of the earth.

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