Computer Information Systems Department

The Computer Information Systems Department offers students a broad base of knowledge in major areas of computing. Students are equipped with skills in areas like programming fundamentals, database management, web development and network administration. Graduates with our Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems consistently have a high job placement rate in the IT field. Students can also choose to minor in CIS.

How We Stand Out

  • All-Access Computer Lab. CIS majors have a dedicated spot in a computer lab with full administrator access to their computer station and the room’s network setup. They are encouraged to experiment, practice and learn as they work.
  • MSDN Academic Alliance. Our subscription to the MSDNAA gives CIS students access in the lab to full licenses for Microsoft developer tools, software, platforms and servers.
  • Success in Job Placement. In the past few years, CIS graduates have had great success landing jobs in the IT field right out of college.
  • Student Community. Through time spent in the labs, extracurricular activities, and events like informal LAN parties, most CIS students develop a deep sense of community during their career at HLG.
  • Diverse Interests. A love of computers and techonlogy fits with almost any other discipline. We encourage all CIS majors to pick a minor in an area that interests them.
  • Chrisitan Perspective. We uphold Christ-honoring ethics and value using our knowledge for service.

Opportunities for Students

  • In-House Internship. CIS majors must complete an on-campus internship consisting of two main components: job shadowing and a major project. Students develop project ideas that use computer technology to meet real-life needs on HLG's campus.
  • External Internship. Students in the CIS Department are also required to complete an internship off campus where they can get real life experience. For many, their internships lead to full-time job offers. Examples of recent internship placements include Blessing Hospital, ETC ComputerLand, MODOT, AdForce Advertising Agency and Tigerhawk Technologies.
  • Student-led Activities. Students often stage informal events like informal LAN parties in the student lab.

Preparing Students for Future Success

  • Prepared for the Workforce. CIS graduates are prepared for a wide variety of jobs in the computing world. Examples include programmers, software engineers, network administrators, database administrators, systems analysts, web masters, LAN administrators, security specialists, network analysts, help desk, and PC technicians.
  • Further Study. Graduates also have a solid foundation to continue to graduate study in fields such as information management systems or business intelligence.

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Contact Information

Michelle Todd
Chair, Department of CIS