Education Department - Admission Requirements

Requirements for Admission

  1. Upon successful completion of 45 hours of credit, students should submit the following to the HLGU office of Teacher Education:
    • The HLGU Teacher Education Program application form
    • A typed autobiographical sketch demonstrating written language skills
    • Documented passage of all portions of Missouri General Education Assessment (MoGEA) under current time regulation in a maximum of three attempts
    • Applicant must complete the Missouri Educator Profile(MEP) test, and submit results to the Education Division
    • A recent photograph for identification purposes only (the photo will not be used in the evaluation process for admission)
    • A letter to the Teacher Education Committee requesting an interview and stating personal intention to enter the teaching profession
    • Favorable recommendation from faculty member outside Teacher Education
    • Favorable recommendation from freshman or sophomore field-experience cooperating teacher
    • Current transcript with verification from the registrar of the following:
        When applying for admission to the Teacher Education program
      • a CGPA of 2.50 on a 4.0 scale (includes all transfer credit)
      • a CGPA of 2.75 on a 4.0 scale in all "Professional Education Requirements" and "Subject Area Certification Requirements" (some of which may overlap with general education courses)
        When applying for student teaching and certification
      • a CGPA of 2.75 on a 4.0 scale (includes all transfer credit)
      • a CGPA of 3.00 on a 4.0 scale in all "Professional Education Requirements" and "Subject Area Certification Requirements" (some of which may overlap with general education courses)
      • The Teacher Education Program accepts no grades lower than C in any course required for certification.
    • Successful completion of EDU 203 (Fundamentals of Teaching) or equivalent technology course

    NOTE: Background checks will be required for field and student-teaching experiences and again for certification in the state of Missouri. Students pay all fees incurred. Applicants who have been convicted of a felony must identify themselves on the HLGU application form and provide the appropriate documents to the Teacher Education Committee. Applicants who fail to disclose a personal felony conviction will be removed from the Teacher Education Program.

    Students must complete step 1 prior to enrolling in 300-level or 400-level professional education courses. See Course Offerings for descriptions.

  2. After filing this information, students will be scheduled for a formal interview with the Teacher Education Committee. Upon committee recommendation, students will be denied admission, granted probationary admission with suggested corrective measures, or be granted tentative admission and allowed to continue in the program, provided they maintain the following:

    • Minimum academic status required for admission
    • Campus/community citizenship that reflects moral character and sincere interest in teaching
  3. Students may be requested to appear personally before the Teacher Education Committee during the tentative admission period for any reason the committee deems necessary to reevaluate tentative admission status.


After the student has submitted all required information to the Teacher Education Committee Coordinator, he/she will be scheduled individually for an interview with the Teacher Education Committee. Students should approach this interview as they would an interview for a regular teaching position.
  1. Dress as appropriate for a job interview.
  2. Consider the following as possible topics you will be asked to discuss:
    • What is your philosophy of education?
    • Why have you chosen teaching as a career?
    • Do you have a grade level preference and why?
    • What experiences have you had working with children/youth?
    • What do you consider your areas of strength? Weakness?
    • What do you feel are essential skills for successful classroom teaching?
    • What are your long range goals?
    • What are you prepared to do if no teaching position is immediately available upon graduation?
    • What effective instructional/management techniques have you observed?
    • What can the HLGU Teacher Education Program do to help you feel more prepared to enter the teaching profession?
  3. Following the interview, the student will receive written notification of the Committee's recommendation concerning his/her application for initial admittance.

    Reminder: Final admittance is granted to the student only after successful completion of all University and State requirements.

    Readmission Policy

    Students must comply with DESE certification requirements in effect at the time of program entrance/completion and must possess current knowledge of best practices in education. Reapplying to the Teacher Education Program is necessary following readmission to HLGU. Transcripts will be evaluated and courses may need to be retaken if degree and certification requirements have not been completed withina reasonable period of time.

    Requirements for Exit/Program Completion

    Upon receiving the following, the Teacher Education Committee will grant students full admission status and, later, will recommend them for graduation:
    1. Recommendation from student-teaching supervisory and cooperating teachers
    2. Verification of coursework completion and CGPA requirements
    3. Verification that all HLGU admission and, later, graduation requirements have been completed
      Upon receiving the following, students will also be recommended for certification:

    1. Verification of successful passage of the appropriate state-designated content assessment and standards-based performance assessment
    2. A completed online certificate application via DESE website

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