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The Department of English strives to provide a framework for excellence in literacy analysis, writing effectiveness, and linguistic inquiry. Offering courses to meet general education requirements as well as requirements for the major, the department serves a significant percentage of the students at Hannibal-LaGrange University. Faculty members in the department help students to develop skill in writing through courses in composition and creative writing. In addition, they foster the use of critical thinking through the analysis and interpretation of literature as well as the study of the English language. Graduates with a B.A. in English have found success in a variety of career fields. The department also provides the subject- area coursework for secondary education majors whose emphasis is English.

How We Stand Out

  • Variety of Courses.  The department offers a wide variety of courses in literature, composition, and language to meet not only the degree requirements, but also the interests of students.
  • Committed Faculty. The faculty members in the Department of English are committed to helping their students achieve success. They invest time in getting to know their students individually, and they provide academic assistance in the office as well as the classroom.
  • Computer Lab. The departmental suite houses a small computer lab designated for student use. In almost constant demand, the lab has proven to be a convenient resource for students who need to do research, compose drafts, and print completed papers in a convenient location.
  • Integration of Faith and Learning. Courses are taught from a Christian perspective, an approach that gives a value-added significance to learning. From the discussion of ethical issues in literary works to the analysis of complex topics in composition courses, students and professors engage in meaningful dialogue in a Christian context.
  • Online Courses. The department is currently expanding its online course offerings. Our immediate goal is to provide online courses that meet the general education requirements for composition and literature. At least one upper-level online literature course is also scheduled.
  • Small Classes in the Major.  Especially in the upper-level courses, students will find that class sizes are small enough to encourage interaction and in-depth discussion. English majors will get to know each other well as they share insights and learn together in this supportive environment.

Opportunities for Students

  • Personalized Writing Conferences. Faculty members are happy to have individual conferences with their students who need advice and assistance with their writing. The improvement of student writing is a high priority in this department.
  • Utilization of Area Literacy Resources. Living in the land of Mark Twain provides definite advantages for the literature student. In some courses, guided visits to the Mark Twain Boyhood Home and Museum are arranged, and the museum curator is invited to campus to speak to students about various issues related to the works of Hannibal’s most famous author.

Preparing Students for Future Success

  • Further Education. HLGU graduates with a Bachelor of Arts in English have a foundation for advanced study in English, Law, ESL, and other fields.
  • Career Variety. Our B.A. graduates have been employed in a variety of fields including publishing, editing, news writing, creative writing, library media, and business. In addition, students who have earned the Bachelor of Science in Education with emphasis in English typically enter the teaching profession.

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