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Our music department finds its strength in a tight-knit, professional environment where students are equipped with the key fundamentals and Christian worldview they need to succeed after graduation. All music students have an opportunity to participate in a wide variety of activities and ensembles during their HLG career, and our low faculty-to-student ratio allows us to know our students well.

How We Stand Out

  • Personal Attention – We know our students by name, and our faculty have both personal and professional interaction with students. Music students also have a tight camaraderie with one another.
  • Modern & Spacious Facilities – The 50,000 sq. ft. Roland Fine Arts Center built in 2003, holds a state-of-the-art theatre, comfortable practice facilities and modern classrooms. Its close proximity to the heart of campus is also a bonus.
  • Flexible Degree – In addition to a traditional degree in Music Education, we offer a Bachelor of Music degree that is flexible to meet many needs.
  • Experienced Faculty –Their high level of involvement in local churches, performing groups, and community, state and national organizations brings a depth of perspective to their teaching roles.
  • Balance – We strive to keep balance by teaching time-honored disciplines of music education, performance and theory, while also embracing innovation in the music field.
  • More than music - We desire to infuse students with a heart to glorify God in their talents.

Opportunities for Students

  • Assistantships with faculty
  • Internships in local churches and schools
  • Chapel Worship Team – This team meets throughout the semester to plan and lead worship at weekly chapel services.
  • NAfME (Collegiate chapter of the National Association for Music Education)
  • Musical Theatre – Working with our theatre department, students have opportunity to perform on stage or participate in the orchestra for musical theatre productions.
  • Performing Groups – Our Chamber Choir travels regularly to perform in local school districts and for various community and civic events.
  • Hosting Music Festivals – We regularly host district music festivals for high school choral and band contests.

Preparing Students for Future Success

  • Teaching – A Bachelor of Secondary Education with a music certification equips graduates to teach in private or public school settings.
  • Private Lessons – Graduates can teach private music lessons or open their own private studios.
  • Church positions – A combination of classroom work and practical experience during their HLG career prepares graduates to fill a variety of music-related positions in local churches.
  • Advanced Study – Our program is a good foundation for those who wish to pursue higher academic degrees.

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