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Concert Choir

A select vocal ensemble of up to 60 men and women. Performances consist of standard repertoire of the Renaissance to Modern styles including at least one masterwork a year. Concert Choir performs a minimum of 3 concerts per semester, and may participate in day-tours each semester.

Pre-requisite: Audition and consent of the director.

Lori Scott
Concert Choir Director

Symphonic Band with Strings

HGLU’s Symphonic Band with Strings involves the study, preparation, and performance of representative band literature. Emphasizes the techniques of good ensemble playing, including tone quality intonation, balance and phrasing. Small ensembles are chosen from this group.

Pre-requisite: Audition and consent of the director.

John Francis
Symphonic Band with Strings Director

Chapel Worship Band

Known for its wonderful renditions of classic hymns and contemporary songs, HLGU’s Chapel Worship Band provides worship music each week for chapel.

Pre-requisite: Audition and consent of the director.

Brad Newbold
Chapel Worship Band Director

Ministry Teams

In addition to Concert Choir, Symphonic Band with Strings, and Chapel Worship Band, HLGU also has three ministry teams.


Concert Choir and Chamber Choir

  • Vocalization to determine range and tone color
  • Pitch Retention
  • Reading/following S, A, T, or B
  • Presentation of an art song (contest piece) is preferred; however, any type of song will be accepted.

*Because we cannot guarantee that an accompanist will be available at your audition time, please have your own accompanist/teacher make a CD or digital recording of the accompaniment to your song.

Symphonic Band with Strings

  • Performance of a prepared solo or etude, two or three major scales selected at random, demonstration of your range using the chromatic scale from lowest to highest, sight reading
  • Percussionists will be asked to give a demonstration of rudimental techniques.
  • If auditioning by video, include a letter of recommendation from either your band director or private instructor concerning your sight-reading ability.


Music Majors:Upon auditioning, you will be considered for a $3,500 music major scholarship which is guaranteed each year for 4 years and is in addition to your academic scholarship. This scholarship requires participation in a minimum of 2 ensembles and the student must maintain a GPA of 2.5 or better.

Concert Choir and Symphonic Band with Strings has a limited number of $1,000 scholarships per year.

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