Online Classes - Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What programs are offered now and what programs are planned for the future?

2. Where do I get information about financial aid?

3. How do I apply for online courses?

4. How will I be advised?

5. How do I register for a course?

6. Where do I get information about payments for my online courses?

7. What are the minimum hardware/software requirements for success in an online course?

8. How do I log onto my online course(s)?

9. What is the time frame that I am required to log into my course(s)?

10. If I register for a course and then decide not to take it or to complete it, how do I drop the course and what is the refund policy?

11. Will I have face to face meetings with my professor?

12. How many sessions will I have in my course?

13. How will I take tests? Are they open book or on campus?

14. Will I have meetings involving all the students in my class?

15. Will there be a tutorial or instruction regarding use of the electronic library?

16. Will I need to be self-directed in order to succeed in online learning?

17. How do I get help for technical assistance for the online course?

Contact Information

Dr. Jill Arnold
Graduate & Online Division Director

Kayla McBride
Graduate & Online Division Assistant Director