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Many general education classes are available in an online format. Check the current schedule of classes for more information on what is being offered.

Most of our online classes are 3-credit hour courses that are taken in an eight-week term. This online option provides learners with an opportunity to advance their education at their own convenience. One student recently said, "I really like the way online classes work. I feel like I learn a lot through them. It requires a lot of independent studying and exploration. I also enjoy being able to do the work at my own pace. I can do the work in chunks when I need to or work ahead."

Online-Based Programs (Complete or In-seat/Online Degrees)

In keeping with the mission of Hannibal-LaGrange University to prepare students for personal and career effectiveness, HLGU now offers the following online programs designed specifically for working adults:

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For more info, you can fill out our online form. You can also contact Jill Arnold at jarnold@hlg.edu or call 573.629.3103 if you have any questions or would like to register for a class.

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