Graduate and Online Programs
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Master's Programs

HLGU's master's programs are accelerated, completely online programs designed for the working adult. At HLGU, we believe in providing stellar education in a timely manner to our students. Both master's programs are offered in 5 week courses. These courses contain as much information as a traditional on-campus course. The pace is intense, but after as little as 50 weeks (less than a year) our students earn their master's degree.

Bachelor's Program

HLGU's RN to BSN is a degree completion program that can be completed in as little as 1 year, completely online.

Individial Online Classes

Many general education classes are available in an online format. Check the current schedule of classes for more information on what classes are being offered.

HLGU online classes are 3-credit hour courses that are taken in a five-week or eight-week term. This online option provides learners with an opportunity to advance their education at their own convenience. One student recently said, "I really like the way online classes work. I feel like I learn a lot through them. It requires a lot of independent studying and exploration. I also enjoy being able to do the work at my own pace. I can do the work in chunks when I need to or work ahead."

For more info, you can fill out our online form. You can also contact Jill Arnold at jarnold@hlg.edu or call 573.629.3103 if you have any questions or would like to register for a class.

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