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Curriculum Requirements

Because of continuing curriculum evaluation, revisions in the curriculum and standards will always be possible. Please check with the division of nursing office for the current requirements.

Associate of Science in Nursing 71-73 hours

The BSN student must complete all the support course and major course requirements listed below. Many of these requirements may have been met during the RN's previous educational endeavors. To determine the amount of credit granted for previous learning and/or means of validating the learning, make an appointment with the nursing faculty advisor.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing 125-126 hours

Support Course Requirements: 49-50 hours

  • Natural Sciences: 16 hours
    • BIO440 Pathophysiology 4 hours
    • 12 additional hours, recommended courses include Anatomy & Physiology I & II, Microbiology, Chemistry
  • Behavioral Science- 12 hours from two disciplines, recommended courses include: General Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Sociology
  • English: 9 hours:
    • CAS101 Intro to Speech Communication
    • ENG 104 English Comp I
    • ENG 106 English Comp II
  • History 4 hours:
    • HST 213 U.S. History I or HST 223 U.S. History II
    • PLS131 US & MO Constitutions
  • Math 3 hours: MTH143 College Algebra
  • Fine Arts: 3 Hours
  • Bible: 3 hours

Major Course Requirements: 36 hours

  • NUR 301 Healthcare Today
  • NUR 303 Health Assessment
  • NUR 353 Nursing Theory
  • NUR 363 Geriatric Nursing
  • NUR 383 Nursing Informatics
  • NUR 373 Bioethics
  • NUR 423 Client Education
  • NUR 436 Intro to Research & Analytical Methods
  • NUR 453 Evidence-Based Practice
  • NUR 434 Leadership & Management
  • NUR 443 Community Health Nursing
  • NUR 483 Senior Nursing Capstone

Total Requirements for RN to BSN: 125-126 semester hours

Academic Standards: A grade of C or better must be earned in all support course requirements and major course requirements (nursing courses) in order to continue in the program

  • Seventy (70) hours of junior college credit may be transferred toward an RN-to-BSN degree
  • To assure current nursing knowledge, all RN to BSN course requirements must be completed within five years of acceptance into the Bachelor of Science in Nursing for Registered Nurses Program

Course Offerings

All nursing and support courses are offered in the online format.

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Contact Information

Kayla McBride
Graduate & Online Division Assistant Director

Donna White, MSN, RN
RN-BSN Program Coordinator