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Achievement Awards

Achievement awards are considered for students not receiving an academic scholarship. Achievement scholarships are based on High School (GPA) and ACT/SAT score results and grade point averages earned previous to enrollment at HLGU. Achievement awards are valued at $3,000 per year (up to $12,000 over 4 years). Renewable: Achievement scholarships are renewable based on maintaining a 2.5 GPA at the end of an academic year.

Academic Scholarships

Academic scholarships are awarded to full-time, degree seeking students attending the HLGU main campus. Academic scholarships are designed to recognize and reward students for previous academic achievement. Generous scholarship awards are presented based on high school grade point Average(GPA) and ACT/SAT scores. Scholarship dollar amounts range from $5,000 to $10,000 annually (up to $20,000 to $40,000 over 4 years). Renewable: Academic scholarships are renewable for four years (eight semesters) with appropriate HLGU cummulative grade point average (CGPA).

Enhancement Scholarships

Full-time students who qualify may add up to two of the following scholarships to the Academic/Achievement scholarships. Performance and Athletic scholarships are awarded and renewed by audition and a 2.0 CGPA at the end of an academic year.

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