Annual Booster Banquet

HLGU's 74th Annual Booster Banquet a Success!

Early evening, drizzly conditions did not stop the more than five hundred guests from attending Hannibal-LaGrange University's 74th Annual Booster Banquet featuring guest speaker, actor, director, and author, Kevin Sorbo.

The topic of Sorbo's keynote address was faith, freedom, and hope. He began with his own story, stating, "I was a broken man. But I have been revived, redeemed, and most certainly I have been reborn. I have been reborn through faith and the hope that comes from that faith."

Sorbo's personal testimony included the story of his battle back from three strokes in 1997 and the background for his book "True Strength." He shared his journey from playing Hercules, the strongest man in the world, to his realization that he was just a mere mortal and how nearly dying saved his life.

Through the three tiny blood clots, God changed Sorbo's life. The doctors said it was a miracle that he even survived let alone have any type of recovery. "It seems like a miracle actually. But sometimes life is just that. I think we have miracles every day. People just don't pay attention to them," Sorbo stated. Sam was his biggest champion. She had faith when he didn't. She lifted, pushed, and encouraged him when he couldn't go any further. "She saw recovery in me when I couldn't. She had faith in a loving Creator when mine faltered... You see, I had a faith. I've always had faith. I just never needed it... until I was hit with this incredible challenge. That confirmation of faith came with my hope of a future."

"When bad things happen we have to learn that it is for a reason and we have to find that acceptance and why these bad things can happen," Sorbo stated with emotion. He continued explaining how many choose to play the blame game. "We blame family. We blame friends. We blame everything in the world. We blame God." This, he explained, is the point of desperation and a breaking point. And this is when many people pray to God for help, to be healed. To be whole again. Sorbo reminded the guests that it was okay to pray to God when things are going well. "The power of prayer is pretty amazing," he said. "We need to be grateful for the many little things we have in our lives - the things we tend to take for granted."

In his final segment Sorbo noted the number of students entering into college today as Christians is far greater than the number of Christians coming out of the same university. "Why do parents not wake up and stop sending their kids to these universities? I just don't get it," he stated with enthusiasm. He went on to say, "Hope - it is the Christian message, is it not? Christ came to set the captives free. To give us all hope. To adopt us all into his loving arms. And this is the message of Hannibal-LaGrange University, is it not? It is hope. Because what is education? Why do parents want to put their kids into a university like this?

Why do they want to spend their money the best education that money can buy? They are purchasing hope for their children. An education is their future. And their future should be hopeful...If you desire your children to have hope give them the freedom to have faith in our Christian God by choosing a Christian education for your children. You are giving them at least a fighting chance to grasp their faith, to claim a moral standing, and to become people that we all can admire."

In addition, those in attendance at the banquet also had the opportunity to hear a testimony from HLGU student, Ashley Neeley. "The community of HLG has really impacted my life. Not just on campus but off campus... Dr. Albee is my Sunday School Teacher, Sarah Rapp is my personal mentor, and I know I can go to any of the staff members with any question I may have regarding God's Word or any personal issues which has definitely made my Walk with Christ so much deeper and more meaningful than I ever would have expected."

Following Ashley's testimony, Chamber Choir, one of HLGU's traveling ministry teams, performed three songs.

All in all, an enjoyable evening was had by all in attendance. For more information about HLGU's annual Booster Banquet please contact Director of Alumni Services and Institutional Advancement, Lauren Youse at 573.629.3126 or via email at lauren.youse@hlg.edu.

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