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Articles: Becoming a Good Long Distance Parent

First-time students may have mixed feelings about leaving home and going to college. They are excited about college life, yet nervous about leaving the familiar comfort and security of home. Your presence on move in day will be a mixed blessing. As your student begins to separate and establish independence, your presence may be seen as embarrassing or intrusive. Don't be surprised if you receive conflicting messages throughout the day as to what your student expects from you. During the first few hectic weeks, you may not hear from your student, but he/she will undoubtedly be grateful to receive communications from you. Communication between family members is vital to your student’s success. Staying in touch with your student can be accomplished in a number of ways. Check out the other resources in this parent section for good ways to do that.

It might be helpful to collect and record the following information:

  • Residence Hall Name and Room #
  • Mailbox #
  • Phone Extension
  • Roommate
  • Persons in room(s) nearby
  • Residence Hall Staff Members and Phone Numbers

Contact Information

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