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Articles: Handling Emotional Issues

The college has limited resources in dealing with students who have serious emotional, behavioral, or psychological problems. Students may voluntarily seek out and submit to professional evaluation, counseling, or treatment without disciplinary action being taken. Students are responsible for following treatment or therapy recommendations and are financially responsible for all services. Participation in a program or counseling may not, however, be used as an excuse for continued violation of the college’s policies.

If a student receives college-appointed disciplinary action requiring professional counseling, evaluation, treatment, and/or random alcohol or drug testing, the Associate Dean of Residential Life will assist the student with identifying available community services. The student must comply with the following requirements:

  1. The student will sign a release to the service provider permitting an exchange of information with the Associate Dean of Residential Life.
  2. The student will cooperate with the service provider.
  3. The student will assume FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY for all services.
  4. Further violation of college policy will subject the student to disciplinary action.
  5. If it becomes evident that progress is not being made or the likelihood of progress is slim, termination of student status may result.

Hannibal counseling agencies include:

  • A.V.E.N.U.E.S. (violence and sexual assault counseling) - 221-4280
  • Birthright of Hannibal, Inc. - 248-0188
  • Comprehensive Health Systems (individual and group) - 248-1372
  • Family Resource Center - 221-7027
  • Hannibal Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse - 248-1196
  • Hannibal Regional Hospital - Mental Health Services - 888-327-4747
  • LifePlace Counseling - 800-431-2517
  • Mark Twain Counseling Center - 221-2120
  • Preferred Family Healthcare - 248-3811
  • Vocational Rehabilitation of Missouri - 248-4430

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