Praise Song

Praise Song, an upbeat vocal and instrumental ensemble, travels throughout the Midwest several weekends a month. Ministering through song and testimony, they perform for worship services, conferences, banquets and youth rallies. Their program includes praise and worship music, traditional hymns and hits from the contemporary Christian music charts. Audition in spring for the following year is required.

Meet Praise Song

Name Hometown Year Major
Scott Apple Chicago, IL FR Media Resources
Edwin Aquino-Jimenez Dominican Republic SR Bible
Roane Dalo Democratic Republic of Congo SR Music
Bianca Esparsa Burr St. Charles, MO FR Secondary Education
Nanette Gorsett Carrollton, MO FR Music
Ashton Kelly Sturgeon, MO SO Music
Josh Perrin Higginsville, MO FR Bible
Rebecca Purba Indonesia JR Business
Alisha Ramsey Mountainburg, AR SO Theatre
Ryan Rechtien St. Charles, MO FR CIS
Logan Rhodes Hannibal, MO SR Mathematics
Dalen Schmoll House Springs, MO SO Bible
Selina Yamout Tyre, Lebanon SR Bible
John Francis Artistic Director

Upcoming Performances

Date Description
Apr 21

Ministry Team Concert

The New Edition, Praise Song, and Chamber Choir will come together to perform a selection of their work from the 2016-2017 school year.

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Promotional Material

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Contact Information

John Francis
Praise Song Director