Residential Life: Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I choose where to live?

2. May I choose my own roommate?

3. Are there any private rooms available?

4. When is my room available to be moved into?

5. What should I bring?

6. What electrical items are allowed?

7. What items are not allowed?

8. Will my personal items be insured?

9. What are the meal plan options?

10. Where will I get my mail?

11. What are the residence hall's policies?

12. Will I have a curfew?

13. Will I be allowed into a residential hall of the opposite sex?

14. Where are some places on campus I will be able to hang out with friends?

15. What type of security does the campus offer?

16. Where will I do my laundry?

17. Are internet and TV services available in my room?

18. Are there dorms that are handicap accessible?

19. Is the campus closed for holidays?

20. Will I be required to attend Chapel?

21. Who is responsible for cleaning?

Contact Information

Dr. Jeff Brown
Dean of Students