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HLGU's University Bookstore has all selections of required textbooks for HLGU coursework. Materials obtained from other sources are not guaranteed by the University.

Hannibal-LaGrange University or the University Bookstore cannot issue refunds or exchanges for textbooks purchased online or from an outside vendor. Refunds or exchanges can only be given for textbooks purchased at the Univeristy Bookstore. Textbooks purchased online or from an outside vendor are subject to the refund and return policy of the store/vendor where the purchase was made.

REMINDER: Not all online retailers use the same ISBN numbers that college bookstores use to identify textbooks. Do not purchase a textbook online using only the ISBN number for verification. ISBN numbers are subject to change, so to guarantee that you are purchasing the correct textbook for the course, HLGU recommends that you purchase textbooks from the on-campus University Bookstore).

To Purchase Textbooks

Have a copy of your course schedule so we can ensure that you purchase the correct textbooks.

To Return Textbooks

University Bookstore will issue textbook refunds for books returned with a valid receipt from the current semester and a drop/add slip. As printed in the student handbook and the catalog, books must be returned by 4:00 p.m. on the deadline to register for classes.

We cannot issue textbook refunds without a valid receipt and a drop/add slip.

In order to receive a refund, textbooks must be in their original condition. New books must have an uncracked spine and intact pages. Pages must be unwrinkled and free of writing or highlighting. If you write your name in the book, we cannot resell that book as “new.” The book will be bought back according to our Used Book Buy Back Policy.

If your book was sold as part of a package containing both a book and a cd, the package must be unopened and all items must be included when the book is returned. If it was purchased as a set, it must be returned as an unopened set. DO NOT OPEN shrink-wrap.

Refunds* will be given in original form of payment. If the purchase was made with a credit card, debit card, or with a charge voucher from a school or government, we will credit your account.

*At times, cash on hand may dictate the method of refund.

When purchased, textbooks become the property of the student, and subsequently, they are the student’s responsibility. Remember, books are an investment.

A student ID is required for textbook purchases and returns.

Textbook Buy Back occurs only twice yearly (end of fall semester, in December, and spring semester, in May).


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Sue Booth
University Bookstore Manager