Library Off-Site Services

Online and off-site students have full library privileges; however distance may make some processes slightly different. Students in the Northeast Missouri area are always welcome to visit the library in person.

Students outside the Northeast Missouri region may want to follow these procedures:

  • Online and off-site students will follow the same checkout policies and fees as on campus students with the following exception: 3 day HLGU materials will receive an extended loan period depending upon transportation mode and time.
  • HLGU students have online request capabilities and visiting patron rights at any participating MOBIUS library. Go to http://searchmobius.org/screens/libinfo.htmlto see the list of participating libraries. Students need their HLGU ID# to request books online. A driver's license as well as an HLGU ID# for visiting patron checkout may be needed as well.
  • For searching for books, use the MOBIUS catalog http://searchmobius.org/search/.
  • For searching for HLGU books, use the HLGU Online Catalog http://lance.missouri.edu/search~S2/. Books will be mailed to the student's home. Please use enclosed mailing label to return books. If limited on time and not near a participating MOBIUS library, students may want to request only books from HLGU.
  • For students outside Missouri, students may want to use the WorldCat Database and request interlibrary loans through a local library. Students need to check with their local library on procedures and delivery times. Please allow three to four weeks if the request is being sent through HLGU and having the item sent via the U.S. postal system.
  • Magazine articles can be accessed online through EBSCOhost, ERIC, LEXIS-NEXIS, or one of the other databases. Use the help buttons within each database for instructions on how to use them. To access HLGU’s databases students need to login to the HLGU student portal, and click on the HLGU Library Remote Login button.
  • Logins and passwords for the HLGU student portal are distributed through the ADVANCE office for ADVANCE students, Online office for online students, and Public Safety & Registrar’s office for campus students If a portal login has not been received, please contact the appropriate office or contact the library for a temporary proxy login and instructions if the appropriate office is not available at the time of need.
  • Articles not available through one of the full-text databases may be requested online through Article First or ECO in FirstSearch or may be requested via email. If requesting by email, please send author, article title, magazine title, volume, issue, and date of the desired item to library@hlg.edu. Please put HLGU STUDENT REQUEST in the subject line. For questions about traditional interlibrary loan, contact David Hutchison at dhutchison@hlg.edu or 573.629.3137.
  • If you have reference or other questions, please email the library staff at library@hlg.edu. Please include HLGU STUDENT REQUEST in the subject line.

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