HLGU February Art Exhibit Features Eric Brown

by Rebecca Sneed

Hannibal-LaGrange University’s Art Department is presenting an opening reception for guest artist Eric Brown on Friday, February 5, at 6 pm in the Hagerman Art Gallery of the Roland Fine Arts Center. The gallery will remain on display for the month of February.

A self-taught artist, Eric traces his love for art to finding a book on the floor of what was to be his room when he was 8 and his parents moved to an old country house. The book, entitled An Age of Barns, was filled with painting and pen and ink work. From that moment on, Eric began to develop his ability with a pencil, striving to match the detail on those pages.

Today, Eric is an accomplished artist, and the pencil is still his tool of choice for pleasurable creativity. His philosophy is, “Drawing can be the constant companion that’s never a burden to have along with you. It’s always ready for your time and eager to make you as happy as you allow it. Never forget to pick up a pencil and let your creativity free for a bit!”