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Rebecca Purba’s Internship at the UN Global Compact

“I honestly believe the fact that I got this internship is pure Jesus,” said Rebecca Purba ’16, a media and communications intern at the UN Global Compact, the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative, located in New York City. She says that without any intention to belittle herself, she is the least experienced intern there, where …

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Nathan Rose’s Acton Institute Internship

Nathan Rose, a senior business administration major, was thrilled to have an opportunity to participate in the internship program at the Acton Institute for eight weeks this past summer. The Acton Institute is a think-tank organization whose mission is to promote a free and virtuous society characterized by individual liberty and sustained by religious principles.” …

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Composing Praise

It all started with whistling. Thad Fiscella ’05, can’t remember a time when he couldn’t whistle. His parents say it’s something he picked up at the age of two or three. “Through my early childhood, I can remember whistling tunes in my head all the time, and when people would ask me to whistle, I …

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From HLG to Havana …A 1959 bike trip to Castro’s Revolutionary Cuba

by Bill Foster '59 and Rebecca Sneed '12

At 5 AM on June 30, 1959, I rode down the HLG driveway to meet my friend since the 5th grade, Bob Miller. We were headed to Cuba by bicycle. It was one of those warm, hazy summer mornings, and I’m sure my parents watched me until I disappeared. It would be 63 days before …

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On a Missions Sabbatical for the Lord

When Drs. Bob and Martha Bergen read an email from a friend serving as the academic dean of Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary and College in May of 2015, they were caught by surprise. Instead of a simple newsy update from their long-time friend Dr. Steve Booth, the Bergens had received an invitation to spend the …

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Knowledge for Service with Mercy Ships

A couple years ago, Nicole felt called to use her skills in a long-term missions capacity, and after much research, decided to partner with Mercy Ships aboard the Africa Mercy (AFM), a faith-based floating hospital that delivers free, world-class surgical services to the forgotten poor in developing nations. Following her recent field service, she has …

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