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Wednesday, September 6, 2006
by Beth Fitzwater

Hannibal, MO -- Hannibal-LaGrange College welcomed new students with open arms on Saturday, August 26. Yellow-clad HLG upperclassmen, known as the “Swarm Squad”, quickly and efficiently unloaded televisions, compact refrigerators, and computers, all while excitedly greeting each new incoming student with a "welcome home."

Returning students were greeted with a number of changes on campus. Many renovations were done over the summer, including dorm “face-lifts” and a remodeling of the campus coffee house, Common Grounds. HLG athletics added a women's golf program. They will play a fall and a spring season with the conference tournament being in the spring. There are currently four girls on the roster who will make their home at Norwoods Golf Club. Jeremy Moore has been named head coach.

HLG is currently holding its Welcome Week Round-Up activities to welcome students back to school. On Monday, August 28 new students took part in the annual Hannibal's Helping Hands, a series of community service projects. This year students helped MoDot with highway trash pick up, weeding and landscaping work at a local church, clerical work at Christian Women's Job Corp, and other tasks. Also on Monday was HLG Fest, an annual event where students learn about the campus's clubs and organizations, was held. This year's fest included a cake walk for which HLG faculty, staff, and the Campus Community Connectors provided baked goods. Wednesday morning HLG President Dr. Woodrow Burt welcomed students back at the annual President's Convocation, where he issued the challenge to the HLG family to “help the students develop the mind and attitude of Christ.” On Wednesday evening a crowd of students, faculty, staff, and the Hannibal community enjoyed the music of the Christian duo Shane & Shane at their concert in Parker Theatre.

Friday, August 25 the HLG faculty and staff held their annual workshop to prepare for the upcoming school year. Dr. Burt encouraged employees by speaking from I Kings. “What are you doing here at HLG?,” he asked. “I hope you're here because you love God and want to be part of his work here on this campus. I hope it's because you want to make an eternal difference in our students' lives,” concluded Burt.
This year over 1100 students are enrolled at HLG with over 800 served on the Hannibal campus, which is an overall increase from last year. Students on the Hannibal campus represent 25 states and 18 countries. For more information on upcoming events, call 1-800-HLG-1119 or check the website at www.hlg.edu.

Beth Fitzwater
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