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Students Receive Scholarships and Awards

Thursday, May 19, 2011
by Beth Sowers

Hannibal, MO - Approximately 46 students at Hannibal-LaGrange University have been honored with year-end awards and scholarships. The awards were given to those students who excelled in their respective majors, displayed dedication in ministry or proved themselves to be successful students. 

Recipients of the awards were chosen by HLGU personnel and scholarship donors.  The awards are arranged by category.


Founders Partnership Scholarship: Michaela McClendon and Joshua Rosentreter
The Founders Partnership Scholarship, established by the Mt. Salem-Wyaconda Southern Baptist Association, is to be awarded annually to two students, who are either juniors or seniors preparing for vocational Christian ministry at Hannibal-LaGrange University. The recipients are selected by the Christian Studies faculty on the basis of spiritual commitment, scholastic ability, and in good standing with the college.

Francis M. Baker and Claudie A. Baker Award: Brett Jones
Established by the Baker estate, this award is distributed annually to a ministerial student or other student on the basis of scholastic aptitude and Christian character.

Jack and Leona Blohm Memorial CRV Scholarship: Jared Doyle
Awarded to a worthy returning student preparing for a church-related vocation.    

Earl O. Harding Memorial Award: Devin Schlote
This award was established by Mrs. Alice Harding in memory of her husband Dr. Earl O. Harding, who served as executive director of the Missouri Baptist Convention in the 1960s.  The cash award is given to a member of the current graduating class who feels the call into full-time Christian ministry.

Addison Pike Porter and Cora Elizabeth Porter Memorial Award: Logan Bowser
This award is given to a ministerial student above the sophomore level who is pursuing the ministry at HLGU or another Southern Baptist school.  The student is selected by the president of the college and the Bible faculty on the basis of spiritual commitment and scholastic ability.

Dunsing Memorial Scholarship: Dane Ruffin-Solari
This scholarship is awarded by the Christian Studies Division.  Its purpose is to provide assistance to a junior or senior at HLGU who is preparing to enter the gospel ministry.  The recipient is selected on the basis of Christian commitment was determined by the Christian Studies faculty.

Reverend William B. Stone Memorial Award: Adam Pace
Selected by the Christian Studies Division, recipients are chosen on the basis of their commitment to Christ and the gospel ministry and academic achievement.

Ross H. Tucker and Eunice B. Tucker Scholarship: Marie Echelmeier
This is awarded to a female student who has committed her life to mission service or to a ministerial student who best exemplifies the spirit and teachings of Jesus Christ; every fourth year it is awarded to a major in church music.  Preference is given to a qualified person who is a member of a church in the Pleasant Grove Association.

Zondervan Biblical Languages Award: Michaela McClendon
Zondervan Publishing House, in cooperation with HLGU, annually honors the HLGU student with the highest average in biblical language courses. The student’s name will be engraved on a plaque in the Christian Studies Division.

FBC of New London, Missouri Annual Memorial Award: Chanae Weldy
This annual award is given to a Christian Ministry Vocations Fellowship student, other than a pastoral ministry student, who has shown the most outstanding faithfulness and service to a Baptist church while attending HLGU.  The student must be a four-year graduating CMVF student with a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or above.  The recipient is chosen by the faculty of the Christian Studies Division. 

Oscar Grindheim and Rose Grindheim Sims Scholarship: Tyler Williams
This scholarship is awarded each year to a returning church-related-vocation student, male or female, who, in the judgment of the Christian Studies Division faculty, has proven during student days to be outstandingly effective as a soul-winner.

Luray Baptist Church Award: Gabrielle Tucker and Brett Jones


Kenneth and Rheyma Carroll Education Scholarship: Justine Bane, Leez Howard, Erynn McNeff, and Jesica Weaver
Mrs. Rheyma Carroll established this scholarship in memory of her late husband, Kenneth Carroll. The selection process consists of the students completing a questionnaire, then the applications are sent to the Education Department, with the final selection being made by the Carroll family.

Eleanor L. Williams Scholarship: Charity Vester
This scholarship was established by Elva Light in memory of her mother, Eleanor L. Williams. It provides assistance to a graduating student majoring in elementary education. Selection is made based on Christian commitment as determined by the Education Division.

Shirley A. Birkhead Memorial Education Scholarship: Cara McQuality
Established in 1987 by the Reverend John Birkhead, this scholarship provides financial assistance to a returning junior or senior who is majoring in elementary education.  The recipient must be a person of high moral character.

Frank and Mary Carter Mathematics Education Scholarship: Sarah Elliott
This scholarship is awarded to the highest ranking mathematics education major at HLGU who meets the following requirements: must have completed his/her junior year and be planning to return to HLGU as a senior; must be in good standing with the school; and must carry a full course load as defined by the college catalog and maintain a C average or better in all courses.

Education Division Award:
Cara McQuality
Selected by the Education Division faculty, this award is given to the outstanding graduating senior.  The award is given based on scholarship, attitude, involvement in campus and professional organizations, and potential for a successful teaching career.

Elizabeth A Kizer Endowed Scholarship: Leez Howard
Established in 1988 by Miss Elizabeth A Kizer, this scholarship provides financial assistance to students majoring in education who demonstrate outstanding leadership qualities in the education field.


Chappel-Lewis Award: Austin Birkhead
This award was established in 1962 by Wayne and Marie Lewis in honor of Lewis’ father J.C. Lewis and his aunt Dr. Zelma Chappel, both 1914 graduates of HLGU.  The award is given to the highest-ranking music major in the sophomore class. 

Evening Etude Award: Austin Birkhead
Each year the Evening Etude Music Club of Hannibal, an affiliate of the National Federation of Music Clubs, presents an award to a music major at HLGU.

Dr. Alpha C. Mayfield and Parents Music Scholarship: Meagan Connelly
Based on need, this award is given to a talented junior majoring in music education or church music.  The recipient is selected by the music staff and deans.

Dorothy Dudley Seibel Memorial Music Award: Laurey Lehman
This memorial award was established in 1990 by the family and friends of Dorothy Dudley Seibel, head of the vocal music department at HLGU for 24 years.  The award is presented annually to a student chosen by the music faculty as the outstanding music talent of the year.  The award is based on scholastic achievement, personality, good citizenship, and spirit of cooperation.       

Mary E. Wiehe Art Award: Donald DeGroot
This award was established in honor of Miss Wiehe, who gave more than 50 years to instruction of young people and the promotion of art.  Recipients are chosen based on outstanding talent in the field of art, academic proficiency, good citizenship of the college and community and good moral character.             

Beatrice K. Liu Memorial Vocal Award: Sarah Field


ADVANCE Program Distinguished Achievement Award: Chris Cantonwine, Kevin Coe, Debbie Femrite, Jonell Gillespie, Chris Launius, Jim Miller, Justin Rodewald, and Deanna Whitlow
In recognition of outstanding leadership, scholarship and service, as determined by the faculty of ADVANCE Program.

Business Department Faculty Award: Joshua Jackson
This award goes to a returning junior who has been admitted to the business department as either an accounting or a business administration major.  Additional qualifications consist of: contributions to the Business Department and to HLGU in the form of scholarship, campus citizenship, and great promise and potential in his/her chosen career field.

CRC Freshman Chemistry Award: Brittany Ernst
This award was established for the purpose of encouraging and sustaining student interest in the sciences.  It is made possible by the cooperation of instructors and students at colleges and universities throughout the country.  The student recipient must demonstrate outstanding academic achievement in chemistry.  The recipient receives a complimentary hardbound copy of the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics.

International Student Scholarship: Elvin Chavez
This scholarship, established by HLGU alum Sebastian Gonzalez, provides financial assistance each semester for an international student.

Vanskike Service Award: Brett Jones
This award is given to the HLGU student who shows exemplary responsibility in coordinating service projects and mission trips for the University.

George Walley Memorial Athletic Award: Rebecca DeRidder
This award was established by Jo Walley and friends and family in honor of her husband, George.  It is given to the varsity basketball player with the highest CGPA.

Cotton Fitzsimmons Award: Brock Webber
This award, presented in honor of the late Lowell “Cotton” Fitzsimmons honors the Men’s Basketball Player of the year, and is chosen by the basketball coaching staff.

Ivan Oliver Athletes of the Year: Kayla Hruby and Jeff Jelinek
This award is presented to the male and female athlete of the year, and is chosen by the HLGU  Athletic Department Coaching Staff.

HLGU Alumni Baseball Scholarship: Travis Mundahl

Who’s Who Among Seniors at Hannibal-LaGrange University: Marissa Foreman and Christopher Buckles
This award is given to one male and one female student in the senior class in recognition of academic achievements and exemplary campus citizenship.

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