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HLGU's Annual Alumni & Friends Phonathon to Take Place In February

Friday, January 20, 2012
by Carolyn Carpenter

Hannibal, MOHLGU alumni and friends will soon be receiving phone calls from current HLGU students. This year’s annual phonathon will take place February 12-23 with calls being made in the evenings. Recipients of phonathon calls will have the opportunity to update the University on what’s been going on with them since HLGU.

With the Roland Library nearly complete, we’re asking alumni & friends to help us raise funds for new computers for this wonderful, state-of-the-art library.  “Roland Library will not only have better technology and more space, but will also enable future Christian leaders to prepare for their life’s purpose, serving God,” stated Lauren Youse, Director of Alumni Services and Development.

During the phonathon days, HLGU students will contact more than 3,000 HLGU alumni and friends asking for their support. “This is an event both the students and the alumni look forward to. It gives those who haven’t been able to come to campus in a while a chance to talk to a student and hear for themselves how HLGU has made a difference in that students’ life. It’s always nice to hear how a student was able to speak with an HLGU alum from years ago and possibly hear a story or two about HLGU’s past,” said Youse.

Recipients of phonathon calls are asked to please remember the person calling them is a student and not a telemarketer and are asked to be ready to share a story or give a kind word of encouragement.

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Carolyn Carpenter
Director of Public Relations