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HLGU's Annual Iron Chef Competition A Success

Monday, January 30, 2012
by Carolyn Carpenter

HLGU’s 6th Annual Iron Chef Competition, held on Thursday, January 26th once again featured some wonderfully creative dishes and a lot of fun.  Five teams competed for the coveted HLGU Iron Chef “trophy”.  The hosts Dr. Bob Bergen (Alton Brown) and Dr. Jeff Brown (Kevin Brauch) unveiled this year’s secret ingredient, pineapple, just minutes before the cooking and dicing began!  This year’s judges were: Rich Cain from WGEM, HLGU Homecoming Queen, Katelyn Fray, and HLGU Homecoming King, Brett Jones.

The 2012 Iron Chef teams included: a couple of tried and truly faithful HLGU Iron Chef Competitors over the past few years. This year’s Phi Beta Delta team included: veteran kitchen stadium contenders Logan Bowser and Richard Medina, joining them was first timer, Trey Lehman. (The Phi Beta Delta team was crowned Iron Chef Champs in 2010)

Team two Bringing Back Christmas was led by veteran Kitchen Stadium contestants Caleb Brookshire and Rebecca Penner. Assisting Caleb and Rebecca was Lora Thompson.

The third Iron Chef team was an “all in the family” team made up of a former employee, an alum, and a current student of HLGU.  Glenn Stahlman, former food service director at HLG and past Iron Chef judge, chose this year to replace his pen with a whisk and pan and put his  family’s name on the line. At Glenn’s side were his sons Jonathan and Hadden. Jon is a 2006 graduate of HLGU and Hadden is a current HLGU student. Together this manly team called themselves The Stahlman Studs.

Cindy Hammock, Betty Anderson, Kelli Boling, Sarah Hammock | Team Spicy Mammas
The fourth team of culinary competitors was made up of two of the original Iron Chef Champions, Betty Anderson and Cindy Hammock.  2012 marked the 6th anniversary since this duo won the very first coveted title of HLG Iron Chef. This year Betty and Cindy welcomed newcomer Kelli Boling (HLGU Residence Hall Director) to the Spicy Mommas team.

Our fifth and final team to brave the heat of Trojan Kitchen Stadium was Caitlin + The Machine. This special team included Kayla Geir, Caitlin McCoy, and Chase Martinson.

Once the secret ingredient was revealed teams started brainstorming ideas for the various dishes that they were required to make: main entrée, side dish, and a dessert.

The Phi Beta Delta team chose to go with lasagna studded with pineapples for their main entrée. For their side dish they made mini ham and pineapple flatbread pizzas and for dessert the team chose to make pineapple salsa with homemade tortilla chips.

Bringing Christmas Back chose to make pork loin stuffed with pineapple and spices, a pineapple, greens, and fruit dish with waffle cone sprinkles served in a “hollowed-out pineapple bowl” and  pineapple cheesecake for dessert. The team also made a pineapple cider for the judges to enjoy.

The Stalman Studs’ menu included a pineapple/citrus glazed salad, a pineapple fruit boat and featured a pineapple flavored glazed pork loin.

Team Caitlin + The Machine chose to make a flavorful chicken and broccoli dish glazed with spices and pineapple along with a pineapple and mixed greens salad and for dessert, a pineapple-banana-citrus smoothie.

Team Spicy Mammas’ dishes included pineapple and roasted veggie kabobs served on a bed of rice, along with a side dish of spinach, pineapple, bacon and cheese flatbread triangles and a dessert of fresh fruit with a strawberry, pineapple, yogurt sauce and cinnamon sugar tortillas.

In the end, it was Spicy Mammas’ creative combinations of pineapple dishes that took first place.

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