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Retiring HLGU President Named President Emeritus

Thursday, June 14, 2012
by Carolyn Carpenter

To honor his 33 years of service to Hannibal-LaGrange University, culminating with an18 year tenure as president, the HLGU Board of Trustees has unanimously bestowed the title of President Emeritus on Dr. Woodrow Burt. Burt will assume the title on June 16 as Dr. Anthony Allen becomes the 17th president of the school.

President Emeritus is an honorary title recognizing Dr. Burt's long-term service at the school as well as president. "We anticipate that Dr. Burt will continue to be an ambassador for HLGU in the years to come telling the school's rich story and helping us in reaching out to potential students. Building relationships with alumni and strengthening our ties with Missouri Baptists, Southern Baptists, and Christian community in general will continue to be a natural part of both Dr. and Mrs. Burt's support to HLGU," stated Rev. Terry Buster, Hannibal-LaGrange University Board of Trustees President.

Past Presidents of Hannibal-LaGrange University:

1. William Ellis (1858-1862) - First President of the male and Female Seminary
(1863-1865 the school was closed due to the Civil War)

2. Joshua Flood Cook (1866-1896)

3. Jere Taylor (J.T.) Muir (1896-1905)

4. John W. Crouch (1905-1910)

5. Ransom Harvey (1911-1913)

6. Jere Taylor (J.T.) Muir (1913-1915)

7. J. Daniel Scott (1915-1918)

8. John W. Crouch (1919-1929)

9. Andrew F. Morris (1930-1940)

10. A.E. Prince (1941-1959)

11. L. A. Foster (1950-1970)

12. Frank Bradley Kellogg (1970-1973) (President of Missouri Baptist College which included HLG)

13. Gerald Edward Martin (1973-1981)

14. Larry L. Lewis (1981-1987)

15. Paul E. Brown (1987-1994)

16. Woodrow W. Burt (1995-2012)

17. Anthony Allen (2012-

Hannibal-LaGrange is a four-year Christian university fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools and prides itself in its traditional and nontraditional educational experience in a distinctively Christian environment.

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