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Hannibal-LaGrange University Sustains Damage During Storm

Tuesday, May 21, 2013
by Public Relations

Early this morning Tuesday, May 21, 2013, HLGU personnel and staff began to assess the damage caused by a storm that went through the Hannibal community on the evening of Monday, May 20. The initial report is that the campus suffered extensive tree and water damage. Many of the trees that lined the main entrance were either damaged or uprooted. The Mathew Science Building lost a portion of its roof and suffered considerable water damage. The Roland Fine Arts Center, Prince House, Carroll Missions Center, a couple of the dorms and athletic fields also received damage. Fortunately, most students were away for summer missions and break. Dr. Anthony Allen, President of HLGU, said, "We are grateful that there was no loss of life. There has already been an outpouring of support. I know God will use this event to help us share the love of Christ and extend a helping hand in our community." The MO Baptist Disaster Relief teams have arrived with chain saw teams. MO Disaster Relief will utilize the University's campus as command central and staging for recovery effort in the local community. The local Bethel Baptist Association and Bleigh Construction is also on scene to assist in the recovery.

As a testament to the school's strength, its iconic Arch and Trinity Tree are still standing tall without any major damage. "I happened to be in the Connor Board Room of the Burt Administration Building when the storm hit. As Dr. Pelletier and I watched the Trinity Tree bend and sway it was amazing to watch as trees around it snapped and the roof blew off the science building," stated Dr. Allen. "We are fortunate and thank God for His blessings."

At this time the University is waiting for the insurance adjusters to arrive from Iowa. Photos and video documentation is in progress and some cleanup is underway.

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Carolyn Carpenter
Director of Public Relations