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Monday, June 4, 2007
by Beth Sowers

Hannibal, MO - Missouri Governor Matt Blunt has named Kyle Brenneman, dean of student development at Hannibal-LaGrange College, to the Campus Security Task Force.


Members of the task force were selected by Governor Blunt. There are 29 members, including Missouri college and university administrators and safety officials, members of police and fire departments, state highway patrol, state health department officials, ATF representative, and emergency response professionals.

The goals of the task force are to promote a widespread partnership between school administrators and the public safety community, as well as examine the safety and security of higher education institutions throughout the state. 

The governor appointed the broad-based Campus Security Task Force after the deadly Virginia Tech Shooting in April to examine the safety and security at Missouri's higher education institutions and to help ensure a more powerful partnership between school administrators and the public safety community.

“The massacre which happened on the campus of Virginia Tech has brought to light some of the shortcomings of emergency management planning on many colleges and universities campuses,” said Brenneman. “The Task Force recognizes some of the nuances and logistics that present themselves on campuses that cover sometimes hundreds of acres and is looking to develop a template that institution of higher learning can follow when developing or updating their emergency plans.  HLG is very committed to the safety and security of our students as well as our faculty and staff.”

The governor's task force meets bi-weekly. The group will provide a comprehensive report focused on initiatives to improve safety standards and heighten security within buildings and facilities on campuses by the fall 2007 semester.

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