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Thursday, February 8, 2007
by Beth Sowers

Hannibal, MO— In the cafeteria of Hannibal-LaGrange College, shouting and cheering are rare occurrences, the only people allowed to cook are the chefs, and the sight of a local TV meteorologist filming the 6:00 weather forecast is somewhat out of place. During the HLG Iron Chef competition, however, these are great ingredients for a successful event. The cafeteria was filled with hopeful amateur chefs, people cheering and holding up signs for their favorite teams, and local media taking pictures and video. The evening was not only successful for the team that took home the top prize, but for HLG as well, thanks to the help of Pioneer College Caterers, HLG Student Development, Refreshment Services Pepsi, County Market, and Kohls.

Five teams participated in the event: Team C'3 consisted of Shelly Bode, Bethany Bearden, and Jonathan Lemaster; Team Rojo, Seyhan Hope, Yulia Igheltskia, and Anne Smith; Team Boiling Blondes, Kathryn Heyer, Alicia Comfort, and Jenny Barker; Team Hot Pepto, Melanie Logan, Michelle Smith, and Trey Hall; and Team M.O.M. (Moms on a Mission), Marilyn Lehenbauer, Cindy Hammock, and Betty Anderson. Randy Shepard, director of student activites, served as master of ceremonies for the event.

Each team was provided a list of ingredients that would be available when they signed up for the competition, but there was one ingredient not listed, the “secret ingredient.” The secret ingredient, Topicana Orange Soda, was revealed at 4:00 p.m., just minutes before the start of the competition. The five teams had to use the ingredients provided to make an appetizer, side dish, and main course. They were given 90 minutes to complete this task, as onlookers cheered them on. “I was very impressed with the creativity that the teams used in cooking their dishes,” said coordinator of the event, Kyle Brenneman, dean of student development. “It was interesting to walk around and see how hard the teams were working. The competition would not have worked at all if it weren't for the teams.” After time was called, each team presented their dishes to the judges: Rich Cain, Patrick Keyser, Randy Boyer, and Brian England.

Rich Cain is well known by the entire tri-state area as the chief meteorologist for WGEM TV and Radio. Though he may be best known for his weather reports and forecasting, Cain is also an avid fan of the Food Network and a chef in his own right, making him a very tough critic. He also entertained the HLG audience by filming a live weather forecast in the cafeteria during the competition!

Patrick Keyser, a designer/photographer and food stylist, has worked in the food and grocery industry for over five years. Keyser was recently married and moved from the Kansas City area to Hannibal. If anyone knows how food should look, it's Keyser!

Randy Boyer is a native of Quincy, IL. He has been with Refreshment Services Pepsi for 13 years, and is a supplier for the HLG campus. Boyer and his wife Stephanie have three children.

Brian England has been with Pioneer College Catering for 15 years, so he and campus food go hand in hand. He and his wife Lori make their home in Appleton, WI.

Though the judges picked the first, second, and third place winners, the teams worked for another award as well, the “People's Choice Award.” This award was given to the team who collected the most donated money at their work station. All donated money was given to HLG missions.

Drum roll please........ The first ever HLG Iron Chef winners were: In Third Place, Team Rojo; in Second Place, Team Boiling Blondes; and winning the People's Choice Award as well as First Place..... Team M.O.M! Each of the three ladies won a George Forman Personal Grill, and their winning recipes were featured in the cafeteria menu during the week of February 5-9.

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Carolyn Carpenter
Director of Public Relations