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Friday, February 9, 2007
by Rhonda Hufty

Hannibal, MO-- On Friday, February 9, 2007, Hannibal-LaGrange College announced the Building for the Future $30 million capital campaign for the future growth of the college. Components of the campaign include a new library, allied health/science building, campus renovations, and endowment.

The College has witnessed tremendous growth within the last fifteen years. “We have been richly blessed at Hannibal-LaGrange College,” said Dr. Woodrow Burt, HLG President. “Our enrollment is near an all-time high and we have students enrolled from 24 states and 18 foreign countries. Our teaching faculty consistently earn awards for academic excellence. We have added numerous facilities over the last fifteen years to enhance the experiences of students, faculty, and the community alike,” said Burt.

Hannibal-LaGrange College is not a newcomer to capital campaigns and strategic planning. In the summer of 1989, a fire that began in the college cafeteria kitchen destroyed the building that housed the cafeteria, gymnasium, auditorium, classrooms and administrative offices. The fire destroyed a significant building complex, but did not singe the resolve and vision of the HLG leadership. The next morning as the fire smoldered outside, the administration, faculty and staff began to lay the groundwork for what the future would hold.

Fourteen years later the Roland Fine Arts Center opened its doors and symbolized the completion of a long journey to replace all facilities destroyed in the fire of 1989.

Although the college has enjoyed unprecedented growth and success, Hannibal-LaGrange College stands at a crossroads. Two major centers of learning—L.A. Foster Library and T.M. Mathews Science Building—which were designed for use by a two-year college with less than half the current enrollment, are proving inadequate to meet the ever-increasing educational needs of today's students.

Mrs. Julie Andresen, assistant professor and library director, sees the long-term benefits of a new library and added resources. “The library is the heart of academic life on the Hannibal-LaGrange College campus. It provides materials and access to information to support the intellectual, spiritual, and social growth of its students. Without access to quality materials, our students will lack the necessary knowledge to compete in an increasingly tough job market,” said Andresen.

Dr. Judy Lemons, associate professor of science education and campaign faculty/staff co-chairperson, is excited about the possibilities a new allied health and science facility would bring to the campus as well as the community. “I believe new facilities in science will attract more students to our science and medical programs. Students will know we are committed to the best education in science we can provide,” said Lemons. “Our medical community is always in need of more nurses, especially those trained in a caring environment such as we offer at HLG. Expanding our science programs will be as asset to our area employers, such as BASF and Continental Cement, who need people trained in laboratory procedures,” added Lemons.

With increasing enrollments among full-time residential students, the residential units are at capacity even though the college continues to seek innovative ways to restructure campus facilities. The Building for the Future campaign will address campus residential needs and facilities improvement.

The College's endowment, which provides for academic support and long-term financial security, is also inadequate to sustain the rate of growth. Mrs. Connie Benson, vice-president for institutional advancement at HLG sees endowment dollars as today's investment in tomorrow's students. "In order for Hannibal-LaGrange College to build for the future, endowment dollars are needed to enhance our scholarships and academic programs. Donors who invest in endowments understand how vital these programs are for students who are our future leaders. While these gifts help with the bricks and mortar of our building campaign, most important is their positive effect on the lives of our students,” said Benson.

In order to meet these 21st century needs, Hannibal-LaGrange College has developed a long-range plan and a vision which has met with the unanimous support of the college's board of trustees. The approved capital campaign entitled Building for the Future: Connecting Generations will require $30 million to fully implement. Once completed, Building for the Future will have added a state-of-the-art library, an allied health and science building second to none, a significantly enhanced endowment, and funding for dormitory renovations, new construction, and added programs.

“The growth of Hannibal-LaGrange College has come about as a result of God's favor, the hard work of our personnel and the generous support of those who believe in what we are doing,” said Burt. By providing new facilities, enhanced support for academic programs, and the long-term financial stability of the College, the HLG leadership believes the Building for the Future campaign will enable the College to equip a new generation of future leaders who remain dedicated to their historic mission and college motto to provide “Knowledge for Service.”

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Director of Public Relations