Press Release


Thursday, April 19, 2007
by Beth Sowers

Hannibal, MO - During the month of April, HLG has on display in the Hagerman Art Gallery works by HLG students competing in the annual Student Art Competition. Several awards have been given for various works.

Casi Gray of Ashkum, IL, won Best in Show with her acrylic piece “Chapter 12.” Gray also won the President's Choice Award, chosen by Dr. Woodrow Burt, HLG president, for her computer graphics piece “Mathew 6 in Line.” The President's Award will be given a cash prize, and the artwork will be added to the art department's permanent collection. The People's Choice Award winner was Jordan Rhea from Troy, MO, for the pen and ink drawing of Winston Churchill. This award was chosen by those in attendance at the reception held on April 17.

Students also received awards for Artistic Merit, Honorable Mention, Select, and Faculty Choice. Artistic Merit winners were: Jessica Stockwell, Casi Gray, Jordan Rhea, Jennifer Purk, Jake King, and Stacy Glover. Honorable Mention winners were: Tanya Byus, Kate Pennell, Marcia Maxson, Matt Kroeger, Melissa Hughes, Naomi Guillam, Stacy Glover, Jenny Barker, Casi Gray, Patricio Miller, Sue Booth, and Jessica Stockwell. Select winners were Casi Gray, Ashley Vink, Jessica Stockwell, Matt Kroeger, Danielle Vogt, and Scott Schaller. Faculty Choice Award winners were Hannah France, Ashley Brewer, Lindsay Ritter, Shaina Ascone, Amber Hedrick, Hope Shelton, Anji Ackerman, Kate Pennell, and Jessica Spurgeon.

For more information, contact Robin Stone, HLG art department chair, at (573) 221-3675, ext. 237.

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