Press Release

22nd Annual High School Art Competition

Tuesday, March 22, 2011
by Beth Sowers

Hannibal, MO - Hannibal-LaGrange University held our 22nd annual high school art competition awards ceremony on Friday, March 18 at the Hagerman Art Gallery.  Participants from six Northeast Missouri high schools competed in this year’s contest, including Hannibal, Scotland County, North Shelby, Highland, South Shelby, Palmyra, and Monroe City.

Approximately 40 awards were given out during the ceremony. Brooke Tate of South Shelby High School won the Best in Show award. She received $100 cash and a $4,000 art scholarship to HLGU.  Ashlyn Hendrix of Monroe City High School won Best in Drawing; Michael Scoggin of Highland High School won Best in Painting; Brady Novak of Hannibal High School won Best in Mixed Media; and Bailee Sparks of Highland High School won Best in 3-D Media award.  They each received $25 cash and a $2,000 art scholarship to HLGU.

Other winners are as follows:    

1st: Sarah Garrett, Scotland County
2nd: Kennedy Tipton, Monroe City
3rd: Dylan Arnold, Scotland County

1st: Emily Perine, Hannibal
2nd: Meredith Voss, Hannibal
3rd: Samantha Bode, South Shelby
HM: Emily Seppert, Hannibal; Alyssa Closs, Hannibal

1st: Lindsey Arnold, Highland

Colored Pencil
1st: Samantha Bode, South Shelby
2nd: Jessi Miles, South Shelby
3rd: Jonathan Rathbun, Highland

Computer Art
1st: Dewey Scritchfield, South Shelby

Acrylic Painting
1st: Mark Johnson, Scotland County
2nd: Paige McGlauchlen, Highland
3rd: Krystle Lockwood, Hannibal

Watercolor Painting
1st: Nora Dodd, North Shelby
2nd: Kelli Hines, South Shelby
3rd: Georgia Starr, Highland
HM: Samantha Arnett, North Shelby

Mixed Media
1st: Karen Fazio, Hannibal
2nd: Monica Weidenbenner, Scotland County
3rd: Samantha Arnett, North Shelby
HM: Addy Nemes, Hannibal

Print Making
1st: Taylor Bailey, Hannibal
2nd: Trevor Stratton, Hannibal
3rd: Alyssa Closs, Hannibal

1st: Michael Patterson, South Shelby
2nd: Brooke Tate, South Shelby
3rd: Erin Watkins, South Shelby

1st: Ethan Hudelson, Hannibal
2nd: Presley Martin, Hannibal
3rd: Rod Sears, Scotland County

1st: Sarah Garrett, Scotland County
2nd: Megan Ridgely, South Shelby

Contact Information

Carolyn Carpenter
Director of Public Relations