Employee Directory

Name/Email/Title Phone Dept.
Rachael Abrahamson Director of Admissions 573-629-3267 Admissions
Julie Albee Vice President of Academic Administration
Dean of the Faculty
Distinguished Professor of Education
573-629-3105 Education
Lucas Almeida Men's Soccer Coach 573-629-3216 Athletics
Betty Anderson Interim Vice President for Business and Finance 573-629-3093 Business Office
Julie Andresen Library Director; Assistant Professor 573-629-3130 Library
David Babcock Head Baseball Coach 573-629-3217 Athletics
Gail Barrowclough Adult and Graduate Enrollment Counselor 573-629-3183 Adult and Graduate Studies
Brice Baumgardner Assistant Vice President of Enrollment Management 573-629-3280 Financial Aid
Martha Bergen Professor of Christian Education Emerita 573-629-3096 Christian Studies
Robert Bergen Distinguished Professor of Old Testament Emeritus Christian Studies
Clayton Biggs Athletic Director; Chair, Division of Exercise and Sport Science; Assistant Professor of Exercise and Sport Science 573-629-3025 Exercise and Sport Science
Sue Booth Campus Store Manager 573-629-3002 Campus Store
Sabrina Brookshire Assistant Professor of Theatre
Campus Technical Director
573-629-3170 Theatre
Bruce Capp Chair, Division of Social Science; Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice 573-629-3064 Criminal Justice
Raymond W. Carty Vice President for Institutional Advancement, Professor of Education & Leadership 573-629-3094 Institutional Advancement
Don Colborn Chair, Division of Natural Science and Mathematics; Chair, Natural Science Department; Professor of Biology 573-629-3152 Biology
Dori Colborn Payroll/Benefits Coordinator 573-629-3058 Business Office
Todd Damotte Marketing Coordinator 573-629-3118 Marketing and Communications
Laura Davis-Maas Associate Professor of Nursing 573-629-3147 Nursing
Darrin DeLaPorte Systems Administrator 573-629-3033 Computer Services
Scott Douglas Assistant Director of Admissions 573-629-3262 Admissions
Jason Durst Head Coach, Men's Basketball; Assistant Professor of Exercise and Sport Science 573-629-3213 Athletics
Kay Ellis Cataloging Assistant 573-629-3135 Library
Tammy Emerson Art Department Instructor 573-629-3176 Art
Jason Farr Assistant Athletic Director of Sports Information 573-629-3227 Athletics
Joseph Garner Director of the Registrar 573-629-3045 Registrar
Kathy Gunn Assistant Director, Craigmiles School of Nursing; Associate Professor of Nursing 573-629-3148 Nursing
Chase Hawes Public Safety Officer 573-629-3011 Public Safety
Sheri Haye Controller 573-629-3056 Business Office
Amanda Henry Chair, English Department; Associate Professor of English; Honors Program Assistant Director 573-629-3040 English
Timothy Hickman Assistant Men's Varsity Basketball Coach 573-629-3228 Athletics
Albert Higdon Chief of Campus Police 573-629-3011 Public Safety
Jordan Hosmer Instructor of English; Theatre Assistant 573-629-3171 Theatre
Dan Hurst Chair, Department of Physical Education; Head Coach, Softball; Assistant Professor of Exercise and Sport Science 573-629-3215 Athletics
David Hutchison Public Services Technician and Office Manager 573-629-3137 Library
Courtney Janes Associate Professor of Education 573-629-3107 Education
Deanette Jarman Assistant Professor of Education 573-629-3106 Education
Tammy Jones IT Help Desk Manager 573-629-3032 Computer Services
Christy L. Jung Assistant Professor of Communication Studies 573-629-3180 Communication Studies
Joseph Kejr Systems Administrator 573-629-3009 Computer Services
Amanda Kohl Guest Experience Coordinator 573-629-3264 Admissions
Jessie Kohl Accounts Payable Clerk 573-629-3057 Business Office
Jennifer Lawzano Assistant Professor of Nursing 573-629-3149 Nursing
Marilyn Lehenbauer Mailroom Supervisor and Central Receiving Coordinator 573-629-3001 Mailroom
Elva Light Part Time Academic and Career Service Staff 573-629-3016 Academic and Career Services
Kevin Lowe Assistant Professor of Nursing 573-629-3144 Nursing
Rachel Lowe Nursing Office Manager 573-629-3141 Nursing
Kathryn Martin Director of Academic and Career Services 573-629-3016 Academic and Career Services
Robert Matz President
Professor of Theology and Preaching
573-629-3252 Administration
Lee McBride Public Safety Officer 573-629-3012 Public Safety
Karla McDonald Student Accounts Manager 573-629-3055 Business Office
Lonnie Nelson Professor of Philosophy
Assistant to the Vice President of Academic Administration
573-629-3201 Humanities, Academics
Ashley Newton Director of Residential Life 573-629-3158 Student Life
Mark Nowak Computer and Acquisitions Technician 573-629-3134 Library
Joseph O'Brien Director of Maintenance 573-629-3240 Maintenance
Donna Pirc Poplar Bluff TRC Teacher Education Program Coordinator; Associate Professor of Education 573-840-9470 Education
Alyssa Pyne Assistant Professor of Music 573-629-3008 Music
Kelly Quigle Head Coach, Women’s Basketball; Instructor of Exercise and Sport Science 573-629-3212 Athletics
Stephanie Reece Administrative Assistant to the President & Facilities Coordinator 573-629-3252 President's Office
David Robarts Academic Course Developer 573-629-3050 Academic Administration
Logan Ross Admissions Counselor 573-629-3261 Admissions
Mary Shirley Assistant Director of Financial Aid 573-629-3281 Financial Aid
Melanie Smith Associate Professor of Education 573-629-3108 Education
Carla Steinbeck Advancement Coordinator 573-629-3124 Institutional Advancement
Luke Stoffel Head Coach for Track & Field and Cross Country 573-629-3221 Athletics
Lois Storrs Instructor of Nursing 573-629-3074 Nursing
Janet Stuckman Associate Professor of Nursing 573-629-4146 Nursing
Sarah Sullivan Work Control Coordinator 573-629-3243 Maintenance
Rodrick Sweet Site Director at the Jefferson City Correctional Center; Instructor of Christian Studies Christian Studies
Michelle Todd Chair, Department of CSC; PHD of Information Sciences and Learning Technologies 573-629-3202 Computer Sciences
Eric Turner Chair, Division of Christian Studies; Associate Professor of New Testament and Greek; Director of Church and Denominational Relations 573-629-3098 Christian Studies
Titus Vester Director of Campus Ministry and Missions 573-629-3224 Student Life
Steven Voss Associate Professor of Psychology 573-629-3017 Behavioral Science
Jonathan Walker Assistant Professor of Business 573-629-3023 Business
Tad Wingo Vice President for Enrollment Management and Marketing
Vice President of Student Life
573-629-3123 Admissions, Marketing, Student Life
Jamie Woodhurst Assistant Registrar 573-629-3046 Registrar
Chris Wright Head Coach, Shotgun Sports 573-629-3231 Athletics
Chris Yingling Digital Media Specialist 573-629-3116 Marketing and Communication
Lauren Youse Director of Alumni Relations and Development 573-629-3126 Alumni Office
David Ziegler Professor of Chemistry 573-629-3155 Chemistry
Debbie Ziegler Chair, Department of Mathematics; Assistant Professor of Mathematics 573-629-3154 Mathematics