Disposition Assessment: University Classroom

  • Directions:Please check all indicators listed under each disposition that have been observed. Then rate the candidate on the disposition, as a whole, by selecting the appropriate number in the cell using the following scale. Comments are required on level 1 and 2 ratings, and welcomed on level 3 and 4 ratings.

    1. Unacceptable/refer to the Teacher Education Committee
    2. Needs remediation conference with professor
    3. Acceptable (expected of preservice teachers)
    4. Exemplary (beyond the expected level)

    If you are rating an online learner, not all indicators will apply. Please mark the categories most appropriate for the online learning environment.
  • Demonstrates Professionalism

  • Demonstrates a Positive and Enthusiastic Attitude

  • Demonstrates Effective Oral Communication Skills

  • Demonstrates Effective Written Communication Skills

  • Exhibits an Appreciation and Value for Diversity

  • Is Prepared to Teach and Learn

  • Collaborates Effectively

  • Is a Self-regulated Learner and Takes Initiative

  • Exhibits the Emotional Intelligence to Achieve Personal Goals

  • Reflects on Teaching and Learning

  • Exhibits Respect for Peers and Professors

  • Final Thoughts