Computer Information Systems

Choosing HLGU was one of the best decisions I have made. The University has helped make me the man I am today. The Computer Information Systems Department gave me the opportunities to explore different fields on my own in the lab. My CIS professor, Michelle Todd, pushed me to always look at what I was doing and made sure it was a positive thing for me, as well as believing in me at all times.

Nicolas Pagano '11 Alum, Computer Information Systems

The department of computer information systems (CIS)  offers students the opportunity to build a strong broad base of knowledge from several major areas of computing including: programming, security, database design and administration, web development, networking, hardware and operating systems. After obtaining experience through two internships, graduates earning an HLGU Bachelor of Science (B.S.) of Computer Information Systems (CIS), have consistently found their place in the tech industry at a 93% placement rate.  Students of other disciplines, are encouraged to explore the possibility of adding a CIS minor, to their major.

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Hands-on Practice

CIS students have their own dedicated learning lab. The special access lab offers students their individual place to work, interact, discover, and play with various types of technology.

Internships & Projects

CIS students have opportunity to complete 2 internships, and 1 senior project to grow in expertise, using real life knowledge to secure future opportunities.

Diverse Student Interests

A love of computers and technology aligns nicely with most any other discipline. CIS students are encouraged to explore those interests by selecting a minor and student clubs and activities develop those skills.

Christian Perspective

As a department, both CIS faculty and students are encouraged to see value in all people, uphold Christ honoring ethics, and value using our knowledge for service to others and God.

Success in Job Placement

CIS graduates have had success in finding jobs in the IT field right out of college, at a placement rate of 93%!

Student Community

Through time spent in the labs, extracurricular activities and departmental activities, HLGU CIS students develop a sense of community. CIS students often stage informal events, such as LAN parties in the lab, or impromptu lunch outings.



Faculty Profile

Michelle Todd

"Each believer has a calling. Mine is in the technology field," said Michelle Todd, computer information systems department chair. "I hope that others can see that God is real in every area of life - especially technology!"

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