To Schedule an Appointment to Audition for a performing group:


Concert Choir – Ben Kendall – 573-629-3008 or

Symphonic BandJohn Francis – 573-629-3270 or

Praise Song – John Francis – 573-629-3207 or

Chamber Choir – Ben Kendall – 573-629-3008 or

String PlayersJohn Francis – 573-629-3270 or

Chapel Worship BandJohn Francis – 573-629-3270 or

How do I prepare for the Audition?

Auditions for Concert Choir & Chamber Choir:

  1. vocalization to determine range and tone color
  2. pitch retention
  3. reading/following  S, A, T, or B
  4. presentation of an art song (contest piece) is preferred; however, any type of song will be accepted.

*Because we cannot guarantee that an accompanist will be available at your audition time, please have your own accompanist/teacher make a CD recording of the accompaniment to your song.

Auditions for Symphonic Band (including string instruments)

  1. Performance of a prepared solo or etude, 2 or 3 major scales selected at random, demonstration of your range using the chromatic scale from lowest to highest, sight reading,
  2. Percussionists: you will be asked to give a demonstration of your rudimental techniques
  3. If auditioning by video, include a letter of recommendation from either your Band Director or private instructor concerning your sight-reading ability.

Auditions for Praise Song:

Contact Mr. Francis for an application and more information:  573-629-3270 or

Auditions for Chapel Band:

Contact Mr. Francis for more information: 573-629-3270 or

Scholarship Information:


Music Majors:

Upon auditioning, you will be considered for a $3,500.00 Music Major Scholarship which is guaranteed each year for 4 years and is in addition to your academic scholarship.  This scholarship requires participation in a minimum of 2 ensembles and the student must maintain a GPA of 2.5 or better.

Non Music Majors:

Concert Choir and Band: limited number of scholarships: $1000.00 per year

Chamber Choir: limited number (10) of scholarships: $2500.00 per year