Master of Arts in Leadership Courses

Master of Arts in Leadership CORE classes

  • LDR 5013 Foundations in Leadership Theory and Practice (3 hours)
    Considers the development of leadership theory and contemporary thought in leadership as well as the practice of leadership theory. Surveys models, methods, and skills in leadership and their application in diverse settings and cultures. Offered as needed.
  • LDR 5023 Ethical Leadership in a Biblical Worldview (3 hours)
    Considers ethical practices and behavior from the perspective of the leader as it relates to decision making, planning, moral dilemmas, and the ability to lead. Uses the biblical world view as the foundation on which values, morality, and ethical practice considerations will be formulated. Also examines concept of ethical leadership power. Offered as needed.
  • LDR 5033 Organizational Leadership (3 hours)
    Identifies, connects, and evaluates organizational issues and practices related to effective leadership in organizations; focuses on leading and influencing innovation and change. Offered as needed.
  • LDR 5093 Leadership Capstone Project (3 hours)
    Examines case studies of leadership theory/style or individual leaders. Offered as needed.


  • BMN 5113 Organizational Behavior & Emotional Intelligence (3 hours)
    Provides an understanding of practical implications of various theories of human workplace behavior. Examines key aspects of organizational behavior and workplace-related aspects of emotional intelligence. Offered as needed.
  • BMN 5123 Managerial Leadership & Executive Communication (3 hours)
    Prepares leaders for the cross-functional complexities inherent in organizational life. Helps students develop skills for more effective leadership in the major organizational functions, as well as in the areas of decision making, problem solving, and organizational communication. Addresses the issue of integrating current information technologies. Offered as needed.
  • BMN 5133 Legal Issues in Managerial Leadership (3 hours)
    Provides students with a foundational knowledge of the legal issues facing both start-up and established business enterprises in the areas of contracts, corporations, employment, insurance, intellectual property, international trade, leases, limited liability organizations, partnership, and homeland security concerns. Offered as needed.
  • BMN 5143 Managerial Finance (3 hours)
    Discusses elements of business financial decision making, including financial forecasting and development of performance, management of working capital, capital budgeting, capital structure, and raising funds in capital markets Offered as needed.
  • BMN 5153 Organizational Development & Strategic Planning (3 hours)
    Examines techniques that help organizations improve effectiveness and enhance personal development. Helps students clarify organizational goals and develop and evaluate action plans. Investigates change processes and helps students identify and overcome personal and organizational barriers to change. Offered as needed.
  • BMN 5163 Human Resources Management-Employee Development (3 hours)
    Examines methods and technologies for developing corporate human resources to enhance workplace effectiveness and improve overall organizational success. Offered as needed.


  • CML 5213 Old Testament Foundations of Leadership (3 hours)
    Presents Old Testament Foundations of Leadership by the use of case studies of Old Testament leaders to demonstrate positive and negative examples of leadership. Provides background of different leadership styles as they appear in the Old Testament. Provides the student with the information necessary to enhance his/her leadership style. Provides daily devotional leadership material.
  • CML 5223 New Testament Foundations of Leadership (3 hours)
    Presents an overview of the entire New Testament, with a focus on its key personalities. Focuses on its 27 books, with special emphasis on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, the life of the Apostle Paul, and the spread of Christianity in the first-century Roman world. Offered as needed.
  • CML 5233 Essentials of the Christian Faith (3 hours)
    Provides an overview of Christianity, including its history, beliefs, and practices. Examines the personal and corporate dimensions of the Christian life and the role of spiritual disciplines within the Christian life. Offered as needed.
  • CML 5243 Organizational Administration for Ministry Leaders (3 hours)
    Prepares ministry leaders for the cross-functional complexities inherent in administrative decision making. Focuses on various organizational functions, including finance, operations management, marketing, and human resource management. Offered as needed.
  • CML 5253 The Effective Christian Witness (3 hours)
    Examines the Biblical “Great Commission” and its fulfillment by the Christian community throughout history, including the present. Provides students with an opportunity to evaluate different methodologies and philosophies in Christian witnessing and to develop their own philosophy and methodology of witnessing. Offered as needed.
  • CML 5263 Christian Counseling (3 hours)
    Examines counseling as Christian ministry. Presents contemporary counseling theories related to familial and individual crisis, conflict, and encouragement, utilizing a Christian viewpoint. Offered as needed.