MEd Field Experience Form


  • Current School District Employee

  • An HLGU teacher candidate employed full-time as the “teacher of record,” “teaching assistant,” or “paraprofessional” is allowed to complete HLGU field experiences in the school where employed. Specific classrooms and grade levels will depend upon an individual’s employment duties and experience. HLGU teacher candidates not employed as described above are expected to complete field experience placements in more than one school. Note: Only students employed as “teacher of record” or “teaching assistant” are allowed to complete all field experiences and the student teaching semester in the same school district. “Teaching assistants” and “paraprofessionals” are not synonymous. Please see the Teacher Education Program Handbook for a clear definition of “teaching assistant.”
  • Preferred School District - First Choice

    Specific teachers may not be requested
  • Preferred School District - Second Choice

  • Provide information related to previous administration observation experience(s)

  • I understand that in order to enter, remain in, and exit from the HLGU Teacher Education Program, I must comply with all institutional and state requirements. My failure to comply with any institutional requirement (including HLGU student conduct regulations) or state requirement could result in my being dismissed from the program, making me ineligible to be recommended for certification. I understand that by virtue of my enrollment in teacher education courses at Hannibal-LaGrange University and by participation in various classroom activities (i.e., educational field experiences and student teaching), I may have access to records which contain individually identifiable information. The disclosure of this information is prohibited by the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (Buckley Amendment). I acknowledge that I fully understand that the intentional disclosure by e of this information to any unauthorized person (i.e. talking about a particular student or teacher to a friend) could subject me to criminal and civil penalties imposed by law. I further acknowledge that such willful or unauthorized disclosure could constitute just cause for disciplinary action and/or removal from the teacher education program by Hannibal-LaGrange University's Teacher Education Division regardless of whether criminal or civil penalties are imposed.