Speech and Language Pathology Courses at HLGU

SLP-A Courses at HLGU

What is an SLP-A?

SLP-A stands for Speech Language Pathology Assistant. People with a Bachelor's degree can take our 21-23 hours of credit to apply for Missouri Healing Arts Accreditation.

Who are these courses for?

These courses are for people who would like to work as an SLP-A in the state of Missouri.

What courses do I need to take?

The courses you need to take depends on which path you choose: the SLP-A MO Healing Arts Certification or the SLP-A add-on ASHA Certification

How much do these courses cost?

Courses cost $350 per credit hour plus books

How are the courses offered?

These courses are completely online with clinicals in your area.

When will these courses start?

Summer of 2021

How can I apply?

If you have questions about SLP-A courses offered at HLGU or would like to begin your application process, please contact Gail Barrowclough at 573-629-3183, or email her at gail.barrowclough@hlg.edu.