Endowed Scholarships

Thank you for checking into the Endowed Scholarship program at Hannibal-LaGrange University. Currently the application process for the Endowed Scholarship program is closed. Please check back at the beginning of the Spring 2019 semester to apply for future scholarship opportunities.


Baker, Lucille Memorial Scholarship: (No criteria listed)

Byler Memorial Scholarship: The recipient must be a high school senior graduating from Barry, IL Community High School, a high school senior graduating from any other high school in Pike County, IL, or a rising sophomore at HLGU who graduated from the Barry or other Pike County High Schools.

Daniels, John L. Education Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to a student who is majoring in education and in need financially. Selection is based on Christian commitment and financial need. Scholarship award recipients must maintain at least a 2.5 GPA and carry a minimum of 12 hours per semester.

Fite, Dr. J.W. Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to full-time high financial need students.

Glendinning, J. W. Scholarship: This scholarship was established to provide assistance to a high school student who is a graduating senior at the time of the initial application: a resident of Bethel Baptist Association (membership in a Baptist church is not required); a person of good moral character; has maintained a good academic record (but not in top 10%); and has shown reasonable financial aid need.

Graham Retention Scholarship: This scholarship was established by Melvin and Katie Graham to provide assistance to students who need extra assistance to remain in college. Recipients should be full time students, live on campus, be in their junior or senior year of study, have a 2.5 GPA and in good standing with the University.

Hale Foreign-Born Scholarship: Funds from this scholarship will be used for the support, maintenance, and tuition of foreign-born, full-time students.

Harbison, Lillian V. Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to a student who demonstrates financial need.

Hayden, Gabriel Memorial Scholarship: This scholarship provides assistance to a student who exhibits good moral character, spiritual commitment, good citizenship in his or her community, an attitude of service, and evidence of financial need.

Jackson, Phillip T. Scholarship: This scholarship is to assist a deserving HLGU student to obtain a good education.

McClenning Memorial Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded on the basis of financial need with preference to recipients who are or were residents of the Missouri Baptist Home for Children at Overland Branch, Missouri.

Martin, Gerald E. Scholarship Fund: This scholarship provides assistance to students who are pursuing the ministry field.

Moore, Gordon Emmet Sr. Scholarship: This scholarship will be awarded to a student graduating from a Macon County, Missouri high school who demonstrates good character, high grades, leadership and inspiration to others.

Pastors, Ministers, and Missionaries Endowment Scholarship: The recipient of this scholarship shall be a full-time married student in good standing with the university who is studying to be a minister or missionary and/or has a missions minor. Evidence of financial need shall be the determining factor.

Poynter, Leon Memorial Scholarship: Selection shall be based on financial need and potential for academic achievement. In order to maintain the scholarship, which may be awarded for up to four (4) consecutive years, a grade point average of 2.5 must be maintained. The scholarship will be awarded on a yearly basis with payment of half (1/2) of the yearly amount each semester.

Prince, Dr. A. E. Endowed Memorial Scholarship: The recipients of this scholarship must be full-time ministerial students at HLGU. A minimum of 3.0 is required to continue receiving the scholarship. Married students shall be given consideration.

Rothweiler Scholarship: These funds shall be awarded to students who are ministerial students (including students preparing to become minister, directors of religious education or directors of church music) and students who are preparing to become public school teachers.

Smelser, Harold and Hazel Memorial Fund: This scholarship is awarded to a needy student.

Wells, Brian Matthew Memorial Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to a student who is a graduate of a Marion or Ralls County, MO high school; demonstrates service to church, community, or school; and displays evidence of financial need.

Wilhoit, Zelma Scholarship: Funds will assist a female business major.