2023-24 Direct Parent PLUS Loan

In order to participate in the Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan program, a parent borrower needs to complete the steps below. Only biological parents, step parents, or adoptive parents of undergraduate students may take advantage of this loan program. Please keep this cover letter for your records and be mindful when entering your Name, SSN and DOB (date of birth) information. The information entered for the Parent PLUS Loan and MPN must match the information you provided on the FAFSA.

Complete Steps:

  1. Log in to your account online at www.studentaid.gov using your PARENT FSA Username and Password.
  2. From the “Apply for Aid” heading on the main page select “APPLY FOR A PARENT PLUS LOAN”.
  3. Choose “2023/2024” for the Award Year.
  4. Complete the basic student/parent information.
  5. The loan amount requested is the amount that you would like to request. If you are unsure, we suggest that you
    choose the “I want to borrow the maximum Direct PLUS Loan amount for which I am eligible, as determined by
    the school.” This does NOT mean that you have to take the maximum loan amount.
  6. The loan period is August 2023 to May 2024.
  7. Review terms and disclosures.
  8. Submit application.

For an approved application:

  1. Complete the MPN (Master Promissory Note). Choose the option “MPN for Parents.”
  2. Submit the attached Direct Parent PLUS Loan Request Form to the Financial Aid office.

At this time parents are not able to accept the parent loan using our online portal.

Click here to find the 2023-24 Direct Parent PLUS Loan Request Form