2022 Strength for the Future Campaign

The world does not have enough universities fully committed to unapologetic Christian education. As a result, we are devoted to doing whatever it takes to ensure the long-term sustainability of Hannibal-LaGrange University.

July 2022 Report on Fiscal Exigency

On March 10, administrators, faculty, students, and staff joined in a day of prayer, asking God for a miracle. During this season of prayer, fasting, petition, and repentance, we cried out to God, knowing that without intervention the University would be insolvent by the end of March. With a budget year ending June 30, costs needed to be cut by $1,000,000 and an additional $2,200,000 in revenue raised. John Yeats, Executive Director, Missouri Baptist Convention called on Baptists to ask God for “a miracle of generosity that enables HLGU to thrive in the coming days. That request has been granted as HLGU prepares for the upcoming academic year.

The miracle came from a diverse outpouring rather than a single large gift. In fact, no gift over $100,000 was received. What the University experienced was God’s “Daily Bread” through a cooperative display of love from churches, associations, individuals, alumni, the community, and vendors. We were blessed with sacrificial gifts, including two churches that gave $100,000. Many individuals gave sacrificially, including a couple who donated their down payment on a new home to support the University. Our dining services partner provided $350,000 of debt relief. The University sold a piece of property for $275,000, while grants and gifts from the MBC and local churches in Missouri, Illinois, and Kansas started to add up. As of June 30, the $1,598,735 has been received from churches and individuals. Coupled with the property sale and renegotiated contract, $2,224,735 was realized. Austerity measures and increased utilization of volunteers saved the University an additional $1,000,000 in expenses.

As the focus turns from survivability to sustainability, our resolve is to serve the churches by providing members with on-campus and online degree programs. Hannibal-LaGrange University is unapologetically Christian and unashamedly Baptist. Therefore, we are redoubling our efforts to communicate the value of a Christian higher education to Baptists in the tri-state region. For parents and prospective students who were concerned the University would stay open, our team looks forward to demonstrating what God has done at HLGU these past months.

Dr. Rodney Harrison, Transitional President

Would you pray about how God can use you to be part of the long-term sustainability of Hannibal-LaGrange University? The following four giving areas are our greatest needs:

  • Immediate debt reduction
  • Student aid and scholarships
  • Faculty retention
  • Operating expenses

You can give to HLGU by clicking here.