Faculty – ASN


The nursing division faculty member should have earned graduate degrees in nursing. A doctoral or master’s degree is preferred. This position is accountable to the Course Coordinator (if applicable), the ASN Program Coordinator and the Director of the Craigmiles School of Nursing. The position is full-time and does offer benefits, as specified in the Employee and Faculty Handbooks. The successful candidate will have responsibility for teaching broadly across the field of nursing.


  • Represent the biblical worldview, mission, vision, and core values of HLGU by one’s statements, teaching, and deportment
  • Respectful of the history, heritage, and values of HLGU
  • Represent HLGU well, both on and off campus
  • Prepare and teach courses
  • Assist Course Coordinator in development of course outlines
  • Coordinate classroom and clinical teaching experiences centered on curriculum objectives
  • Work with Course Coordinator to construct, administer, grade, and evaluate tests, returning them in a timely fashion
  • Stay current in teaching field, textbooks, and instructional resources
  • Assist in evaluating, planning, and revising curriculum in response to changing cultural and vocational needs
  • Instruct Students in Clinical Settings
  • Teach all assigned students in the skills lab and clinical settings
  • Assume leadership in assigned duties in the skills lab and clinical practice
  • Give personal supervision at all times in the clinical settings
  • Start each class on time and fill the scheduled time with appropriate content and procedures
  • Seek approval from the Director or Assistant Director before changing class dates or for any class cancellations
  • Report all missed or cancelled class times or office hours to the Director or Assistant Director
  • Advise nursing students as assigned. Work with the Course Coordinator to evaluate student progress
  • Implement and manage procedures to insure records and student information is properly handled
  • Track student attendance on the campus software system
  • Submit grades on the campus software system by deadlines set in the Registrar’s Office
  • Communicate through the official campus email system which is encrypted to meet federal guidelines for student privacy rights (FERPA)
  • Submit textbook orders on the software system
  • Follow all HLGU institutional and instructional policies and procedures
  • Sign and return all contracts, addendum overload contracts, etc., by the deadline
  • Submit syllabi, semester schedules, final grades, professional development plans and reports, performance evaluations, etc., on time
  • Track relevant student data for Student Learning Improvement Assessment as required by department plans
  • Participate in departmental cycle for Academic Program Review (APR) and all other Accreditation Reaffirmation self-study efforts
  • Seek prior approval from the Nursing Director or Assistant Director before engaging guest speakers or planning field trips
  • Requisition and gain approval before purchasing equipment or supplies
  • Contact Director or Assistant Director concerning student issues that may lead to disciplinary action; they will notify the Office of Academic Administration
  • Notify the Director of Assistant Director regarding instances of academic dishonesty. They will inform the Office of Academic Administration
  • Follow all other institutional and instructional policies and procedures as established and as will be, from time to time, developed, paying special attention to the HLGU Faculty and Staff Handbooks as well as the Nursing Faculty Handbook
  • Attend faculty, division, and department meetings, workshops and in-service training
  • Participate in performance evaluations and professional development plans and activities
  • Assist in scheduling semester or term classes
  • Positively represent the Nursing Program and the University as necessary to outside constituents such as prospective students and the community
  • Participate in planning and implementing annual enrollment goals
  • Fulfill the 40-clock-hour per week responsibility of fulltime employment during normal class weeks
  • Fulfill assigned non-departmental campus responsibilities which includes a minimum of one campus committee

Supervisory Roles may include student assistants, a committee chair position, or an assigned student club responsibility.


This position answers ultimately to the university President, but is accountable to Director and Assistant Director, and the Vice President for Academic Administration. Maintain good communication with Course Coordinator, the Assistant Director, and Director. Collaborate with other faculty members regarding teaching experiences and observations.


  • Working knowledge of word processing, email programs, spreadsheets, and databases.
  • Ability to learn to use aspects of HLGU’s current Electronic Records Program (ERP) and Learning Management System (LMS), especially the Faculty Portal.
  • No heavy lifting or unusual physicals needs are contemplated for this job.
  • Must have values consistent with the mission and purpose of Hannibal-LaGrange University.
  • Sign and abide by standards of employment on the application and in the employee handbook.

Nursing Faculty Members must be able to meet the following physical requirements:

  • Fine hand/eye Coordination; Oral Communication; and Written Communication
  • Sitting; Standing; Walking; Bending; Pushing/Pulling; and Climbing
  • Exposure to Blood and Body Fluids; Exposure to Hazardous Chemicals; Concentration on Detail; and Exposure to Extreme Heat, Cold, Temp Fluctuations
  • Carry/Lift 1-50lbs*

*Hannibal-LaGrange University does not require nor does it expect that an employee lift over 50lbs unassisted. Objects in excess of 50lbs should be lifted or moved with mechanical means or a team lift.


  • A Doctoral or Master’s Degree in Nursing is strongly preferred.
  • Strong candidates with a BSN degree may also be considered. (If hired, the BSN degree candidate will be expected to begin an MSN within his/her second year, with completion coming by the end of his/her fourth year of employment.)
  • Three to five years of teaching experience desired.
  • Two to five years of clinical experience essential.
  • Assume responsibility to keep clinical skills current.
  • Participate in professional nursing scholarship activities.
  • Current unencumbered Missouri RN licensure (and Illinois if necessary) is required.
  • Missouri State Board of Nursing (MSBN) approval prior to appointment

Founded in 1858, Hannibal-LaGrange University is a four-year Christian university located in Hannibal, Missouri, just 100 miles north of St. Louis, Missouri. The mission of Hannibal-LaGrange University is to provide an excellent education in both liberal arts and professional disciplines in a distinctively Christian environment that integrates Christian faith and learning in preparing graduates for personal and career effectiveness.

To apply, please submit an application, including a cover letter and current CV, here.

In addition to articulating interest and qualifications, cover letters should highlight the candidate’s commitment to Jesus Christ, his/her understanding of teaching as a Christian vocation, and articulate an understanding of the integration of Christianity and his/her discipline.

For any questions regarding the position, contact Human Resources at 573-629-3058, or via email at humanresources@hlg.edu. Hannibal-LaGrange University seeks to employ qualified individuals without regard to age, sex, race, color, national origin, or disability, who can function effectively within the University’s mission and purposes.