A Message From Dr. Allen

Portrait of Anthony AllenI am deeply grateful for this opportunity to serve the Lord at Hannibal-LaGrange University. Truly, HLGU is a rare institution of stellar quality sustained by a community of scholars that are deeply committed to academic excellence that is rooted in both faith and learning. It is an honor to serve by cultivating a "shared vision of excellence" educating students to be well-prepared and exceptional in their chosen professions and calling in ministry. Stacy and I have been impressed by the HLGU family. The character of the students, staff, faculty, and administration is impressive. At a time in when many Christian universities have abandoned their mission, as President of HLGU it is my goal to preserve this distinctively Christian university with an unshakeable determination which values both biblical truth and promotes academic excellence. As we make this transition with our family to join this vibrant institution we eagerly anticipate making the best contribution possible to help maintain a momentum of success at Hannibal-LaGrange University. It is my prayer to promote a shared vision of God-honoring priorities and principles for the HLGU family which always pleases our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is my strong belief that a shared vision for excellence is only attainable when God's priorities are put first.

I greatly admire the strong leadership that Dr. Woodrow Burt has provided to Hannibal-LaGrange for the past 18 years. With great indebtedness, Stacy and I undertake this assignment desiring to promote a "shared vision of excellence" and sustain HLGU's rich history rooted in Christian values. We are deeply grateful to Dr. and Mrs. Woodrow Burt for their faithful and significant investment at HLGU and eagerly anticipate both observing and preserving the fruits of their labor. We praise the Lord for their excellent leadership and love for God exemplified through a sincere ministry to the university. My family and I are truly excited about moving to Hannibal and becoming a part of the HLGU family.


Dr. Anthony Allen

Dr. Anthony Allen and his wife Stacy, with their five children: Bethany, Evan, Leighton, Annaliese, and Brinley.

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