A Letter to New HLGU Parents

HLGU Mom and Dad,

It is great to add you and your student to the HLGU family! I know that for you, this can carry a range of emotions. As a dad of three who has yet to send one off to college, I know little about what you are going through. However, as one who has served as a professor and now administrator, I know things from this end quite well and want you to know that the HLGU community is looking forward to your student getting here and helping him or her experience what God is doing on our campus.

As alums of HLGU, my student life staff and I remember our move in days. We also remember the range of emotions that came with it. That makes us both empathetic and excited for this major transition in your student’s life (and yours)! I want to assure you that while here, your student will have every opportunity to grow intellectually, personally, and spiritually. They will be both challenged and encouraged by faculty and staff and will be greeted with open doors when they have a need.

Your son or daughter has already received a postcard from me and my staff that details New Student Orientation and speaks of some of the renovations that have taken place over the summer. The student center is looking great, and the ladies moving into Kleckner Hall are going to love it! With NSO, we will have their first days at HLGU filled with both information and activity, and the coming weeks will present concerts, events, intramural sports, Bible studies, and service opportunities that will help them find their comfort zone here at Hannibal-LaGrange.

We will keep the website updated and will also be available to answer any questions that you may have. You’ll find information below on my directors and the areas they oversee. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Thank you for trusting Hannibal-LaGrange University with the training, teaching, and care of your child. We deeply desire to see them be successful in every area of their lives and to become an individual that understands the importance of faith, education, community, and personal growth.

God’s best to you and your family! We will see you August 17 at 10 am for move in day!

Be sure to check out the Move In Day – What to Expect video.


Jeffrey D. Brown, Ph.D.
Dean of Student Life | Professor of Christian Studies

Joshua Pierce
Associate Dean of Students
Director of Student Life

Richard Medina
Director of Student Activities

Ty Williams
Men’s Resident Director
Coordinator of Spiritual Formation

Matt Brennan
Men’s Resident Director
Coordinator of Student Leadership and Development

Christina Ruiz
Women’s Resident Director
Administrative Assistant of Student Life

Shelby Echelmeier
Women’s Resident Director
Residential Life Coordinator