Steeple Society

When you have designated an estate gift to Hannibal-LaGrange University, we would like to recognize you during your lifetime. That is why the Hannibal-LaGrange University Steeple Society was created. This special society includes individuals who have made the decision to include HLGU in their estate planning.


Once you have included HLGU in your will, simply complete the form linked below. If you so desire, a representative will contact you regarding your gift.

Individuals choosing to leave a gift to HLGU will become members of an elite group that will leave a legacy by their continued faithfulness to this institution and our beliefs. Members of the Steeple Society make it possible to bless more students with the opportunity of higher education and an even greater blessing of knowing more about our Savior.

Join the HLGU Steeple Society!
Printable Steeple Society Form

History of the Bell

The bell, prominently displayed on our campus, is a piece of history dating back to the founding of the institution. It was transported to LaGrange, MO prior to the Civil War up the Mississippi on a steamboat. The original function of the bell was to open and dismiss class. Today, the bell is used to celebrate the wedding engagement of students here on campus by being turned up-side down. Because this bell has been an important part of our campus for so many years, we believe it is only fitting to hold it up as a symbol of the legacy that has already been left to us by so many faithful supporters and a reminder of the commitment our devoted Steeple Society has made to our future.