Student Activities

What We Do

Welcome to Student Activities! We are located on the second floor of the L.A. Foster Student Center, which is the hub of campus life. This is where student organizations and events thrive. The diversity of clubs and the amount of events here at HLGU keep students entertained from one week to the next. Whether it’s Welcome Week, Karaoke Night, Rock Band and Guitar Hero Competition, bonfire, or Homecoming there are plenty of activities to choose from.

At HLGU we are committed to creating quality events in a personalized atmosphere. Please make sure to click on any of the links to learn more.

Upcoming Events

Sun 19
Mon 20


August 20
Tue 21

Classes Begin

August 21
Tue 21

Dorm Parties

August 21 @ 8:00 pm
Wed 22

Smores Night

August 22 @ 9:00 pm
Thu 23

The Gray Havens Concert

August 23 @ 8:00 pm
Fri 24
Fri 24

Capture the Flag

August 24 @ 10:00 pm