What To Bring

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You’ve chosen HLGU and you know who your roommate is, now it is time to figure out what your dorm room will look like. Roommates should communicate with each other and get an idea of what items both are planning on bringing.

Check out our “Dorm Living” board on Pinterest and/or download our handy What To Bring CheckList. This comprehensive list has been compiled with the help of a few of our current students and a few recent grads. Getting tips from those who have lived in our dorms is essential.

“My best tip would be to get together with your roommate and find out what all they have already or what they are planning on bringing. My roommate and I shared the refrigerator. Since I already had a TV that’s what I contributed to the room.” 

All beds in HLGU residence halls take twin/extra-long sheets. These sheets can be found at most retail stores. In addition, we also offer a Linens Program option. Having a second set may be a good idea as well.

In addition to sheets and pillowcases, you will want to bring a mattress pad, blanket and comforter. Some students have also found having a heated mattress pad is nice as well.

Bathroom Supplies
We recommend bringing 2-3 sets of towels and several extra wash clothes, a bathrobe, and if living in a community-style hall (Pulliam, Kleckner, Nunn-Cook, and Crouch) a shower caddy will come in handy as well.

For students that live in the suite-style halls, (Lewis/Brown and Fletcher) be sure to get with your suite mates to find out if they are bringing a bathmat/shower curtain, etc. (HLGU does supply basic shower curtains and rings.)

“My freshman year I brought a laundry bag with me. This year, I’ve decided to go with a collapsible tote. The bag was nice, but there wasn’t room for my detergent and fabric softener sheets.”

Kitchen Supplies
All HLGU halls have a kitchen available to the students for use. These kitchens have a stove/oven, refrigerator, and sink. A few utensils/pans, etc. are available to be checked out from the hall’s information desk.

Enjoy your morning cup of fresh brewed coffee? Feel free to bring a Keurig or similar single serving (no burner) coffee appliance.

Students may also choose to bring a small microwave.

Please note: Actual coffee pots with exposed burners, along with irons, hot plates, toaster ovens, and George Foreman-type grills are not allowed since they are considered a fire hazard.


Decorating Your Room
Just remember, you won’t be spending hours upon hours in your dorm room, but you will want it to feel like home. Now is the time to truly personalize your space!

All residence hall rooms are painted in a neutral/off white color. The following halls have tile flooring in the rooms: Lewis Hall, Brown Hall, and Kleckner. Nunn-Cook, Fletcher, Crouch, and Pulliam all have carpeting.

Most students find the removable (Command) hooks are very useful for hanging décor. Using these types of hanging devices will aid in keeping the walls in your room looking nice and will also keep from having any damages fees.

Please note: Candles and incense/burners are not allowed on campus, along with space heaters.

 “Since our room was all tile, my roommate and I decided to each get our own fun throw rugs. Let’s just say stepping on that soft rug made getting up in the morning a little less shocking!”


Additional HLGU Housing Notes
Bunking of Beds
Beds may be bunked with the matching bed in the room.

Please note: Lofting/stacking of beds is not permitted due to safety concerns.

Room Furnishings
Rooms are furnished with a variety of items, including beds, chairs, desks, dressers. These furnishings are placed in the rooms for the best possible utilization of that particular room and must remain in the room. Please see the student handbook for more information regarding furnishings and possible fines.

Students are allowed to have fish as pets. All other animals/pets are not allowed in residential units due to health hazards.

Bicycles are welcomed on campus. All bicycles need to be registered with public safety (located on the first floor of the Burt Administration Building and should be kept chained to a bike rack (not in dorm rooms or apartments). Bike racks are provided on campus for this purpose.

Parking Permits
All students who have a vehicle (car, truck, motorcycle, etc.) need to get a parking permit. Permits are $25 per semester. To obtain a car tag permit, please take the following information to the office of public safety (located on the first floor of the Burt Administration Building): year, make, model, and license plate number of the vehicle. Tags must be displayed in all cars on campus.

Questions regarding student life at HLGU?
The office of student life is located on the first floor of the LA Foster Student Center.