Nursing – Request for Information

Nursing is the major that most accurately fits in with HLGU’s motto, Knowledge for Service. Our motto isn’t just words it’s what we truly believe in. Service to others is the backbone of the nursing profession and the backbone of HLGU.

As an HLGU nursing student, you will be taught by experienced and knowledgeable faculty members in the new Carroll Science Center. This new facility, dedicated in 2015, is home to all nursing faculty/offices, classrooms, library, and labs, along with all mathematics and science faculty offices, labs, and classrooms.

Whether you are a new, first-time college student, or a transfer student you will quickly come to know the Craigmiles School of Nursing faculty and students are like a family. Our caring nursing faculty and staff will guide you through the process from day one, though your last final, and even through the following years.

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